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Urban farmer Chaz Daughtry enjoying fatherhood and building a legacy

Urban farmer Chaz Daughtry enjoying fatherhood and building a legacy
Photo courtesy of Pharris Photography

Chaz Daughtry is the owner of SoulFitGrill — a low-sodium spice company based in Houston. He started the company in 2014 so that his grandmother, who has diabetes, would have healthy alternatives with less sodium.

Daughtry works closely with the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation, which was founded by his mother Deavra Daughtry in 2002. TWEF and the BossLife Foundation have joined Tres Generaciones to honor 10 local fathers who are “Everyday Dads.” The 10 fathers selected will be honored on June 16 with a three-course meal, complimentary beverages, courtesy of Tres Generaciones; swag bag; an award; and several surprises.

Ahead of the event, Daughtry spoke with rolling out about being a father and his tips for others.

What has fatherhood been like for you?

Being a father is great, and it has its challenges. Every day is different. I’m growing as a person, and my daughter is also growing as a person. You just kind of get used to each other. Tying back to it business-wise, it’s just cool to be able to leave a legacy of things that I have. I’m not saying that she’ll take over my company, but she can also just see how I started this, and how it’s continued to grow, and if she wants to do something that is similar, I would definitely support it. It is great for me to know that I’m leaving something [for her] and that she’ll have somebody to follow and [be able] to ask questions and stuff about [it].

What are some things that you learned from your business that helped you as a father?

This business was like my first baby, and it was pretty much day and night. Long nights, long hours staying up, shipping orders at night, trying to get it done while still being in school. It wasn’t the same as a baby crying in the morning, but it was pretty much my passion that led me to follow my dreams, and I also was able to provide for myself as well. I learned a whole lot just being able to be focused and continue to have that drive so I can get to the next level.

Urban farmer Chaz Daughtry enjoying fatherhood and building a legacy
Courtesy of Deavra Daughtry

What three tips would you give to a new father?

One, have patience. Life isn’t going to change. It’s not going to be the same way that it was before the baby. It took me a while to get used to it because I’m so used to being free or just focusing on the business. Now I have somebody who’s excited to see me. Two, when you get home, leave work at work. You have … kids that want your attention. You haven’t been with them all day, they haven’t been with you, so try to focus on them. Then once they go to sleep, you can get back to the hustle of your work. And number three, just enjoy life. Enjoy the ride.

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