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Singer Jilly discusses her new project, ‘Copy & Paste’

Singer discusses her debut project
Singer Jilly discusses her new project, 'Copy & Paste'
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Jilly is an LA-based singer who recently dropped her debut project, Copy & Paste. Anais has opened for 2 Chainz and built a loyal following on YouTube. Her songs are catchy, fun, and definitely something listeners will enjoy.

Tell us about your struggles in the industry. Did you ever feel like giving up?

I’ll be honest and tell you, I’m nowhere near where I want to be. It’s a blessing for people to say it, but I think the number one thing that has always kept me going is that I don’t see anything else for myself. I never had a plan B, my plan was that all my eggs were in a basket, and growing up my parents always told me if you have [a] plan B you’re not really all in. So I stayed the course and just feel like I’ve had the same vision since I was a little girl. Even when things get tough and it seems like it’s not being picked up, I just stay the course because I’ve had the same vision since I was a little girl, and I know that has to account for something.

What is your process for creating music?

It’s just my energy and whatever I’m feeling at the time. I’m never given songs, so when I go into the studio, I’m starting from scratch. I wanted to express more of my personality through this project. I’ve never made music like this before. My previous songs were more vulnerable in some ways. The majority of my music is very powerful, fun, and lively and I delved into another aspect, and I believe the main thing in my music is just growth. The studio is my escape from reality and I had a difficult time bringing reality into the studio because it was my escape. I didn’t want to discuss what was going on so I think that was my go-to, making music to make me feel better because sometimes when I leave, I’m not having the best day, and I don’t want to leave to think about that.

Tell us more about your debut project, Copy & Paste.

Copy & Paste is my first official body of work. It’s my baby. I started working on the project months before releasing it, and the two newest songs on the project were “Ready” and “Throwback.” Both were recorded two weeks before I finished the project. It’s amazing how they ended up making it because this project was heading in a more fun and lively direction, and people were saying, “No, I think you should have songs that are more in touch with your emotions.” I’m the blueprint for a lot of things. I’m so authentic with my stuff; setting the trend, setting the tone, being authentic to who I am, and seeing it copied elsewhere is where I got the concept for Copy & Paste.

–jacquelene clarke

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