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Fans celebrate the idea of a potential Bratz doll of Nicki Minaj

Bratz has critics ecstatic with potential Minaj inspired doll
Fans celebrate the idea of a potential Bratz doll of Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj (Photo credit: Bang Media)

When you think of a loyal fanbase, you are sure to think of the “Barbz,” one of the largest and most vocal fanbases loyal to the Queen, Nicki Minaj. On Aug. 28, MTV Video Music Awards premiered and Minaj graced the awards with her presence. The Barbz were in a frenzy after glimpsing Minaj’s showstopper of a dress at the awards. Minaj wore a pink Dolce & Gabbana gown with mesmerizing contact lenses. She was styled by Emmy award-winning stylist DiAndre Tristan. Minaj’s alluring pink attire happened to fit perfectly with her persona as she is also known as the “Harajuku Barbie,” a reference to her Trinidadian roots.

Hitting the scene in 2008 under the record label of Young Money, Minaj was known for rocking her perfect doll-like china bangs and trendy pink wigs representing the “Barbie” image in great style. The game-changing doll in the late 90s, “Bratz,” had been the new doll on the scene, competing with the traditional Barbie brand. Although Barbie had been the classic go-to doll for all little girls, Bratz hit the scene with a more inclusive and modern approach.

Countering the traditional style of Barbie dolls, Bratz was sure to produce a more fashion-forward blueprint, pushing a new form of doll trends and style while promoting full lips and a less-model like physique. Maintaining its ultramodern reputation, Bratz seems to be attempting to gain the attention of Minaj, challenging her “Barbie” aesthetic with a new doll pitch.

On Aug. 30, Bratz posted a mock-up of a potential Minaj inspired Bratz doll, tagging the rap superstar in a post. Following the post, fans  shared their excitement via Twitter for the potential collaboration. Consumers declared that it would make the perfect gift for their children, leaving fans in suspense regarding a Minaj X Bratz collaboration or will she stick with her Barbie inspired persona?

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