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Black woman harassed by racists at a Georgia bar (video)

The woman recorded the altercation and released it on social media
Black woman harassed by racists at a Georgia bar (video)
Image source: Twitter – @Phil_Lewis

A video has gone viral of a Black woman being harassed at a bar in Georgia called Cantrell’s Hiram Station.

The woman recorded the altercation between her and three White people, and it started with someone telling her that she needed to leave the establishment.

“I’m going to sit here, I’m going to box my food, I’m going to finish my food, and then I’ll leave,” the woman said.

Later in the video, the woman claims that a worker threw a box at her after asking her to “turn it down.”

The third person in the video later asks the woman “What are you doing in a white place like this,” and the woman responded saying, “I’m in a white place like this because I came up here to play pool.” The two continue to exchange words for the time being, and one of the men in the background laughed and said “Don’t put this on TikTok.”

Towards the end of the video, the third person says “I’m racist, I don’t care.”

“I know you’re racist, you look like a racist,” the woman said. “That’s why you’re poor, most racist people are poor.”

Cantrell’s Hiram Station Facebook page released a statement about the video on Sept. 18 saying “It is unfortunate that this even has to be said … Hiram Station is not a prejudiced establishment … it’s a shame we have to defend ourselves when we have 12 days left.

“The customer who spoke out of turn in a racial manner certainly does not represent Hiram Station views in any capacity. Again he was not our employee and certainly not a representative of Hiram Station!”

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