LL Cool J claps back at DJ Akademiks for calling rap pioneers ‘dusty’

The legendary rapper is angry that the deejay disrespected the old-school artists so blatantly

LL Cool J claps back at DJ Akademiks for calling rap pioneers 'dusty'

LL Cool J ripped into DJ Akademiks for referring to hip-hop pioneers as “dusty” and saying that many of today’s artists are much better off financially than the old heads.

Akademiks went off on old-school artists during a Twitch video interview where he said he doesn’t have anything to do with them. 

“Them old rappers, man. Have you seen any of these old rappers who be like, yo, they’re the foundation of hip-hop really living good? Them n—-s be looking really dusty, I kid you not,” Akademiks railed. “And none of y’all try to come for me, cause I don’t f— with y’all n—-s either, so I’m just telling y’all the truth. Every time there be like an old, old n—-s talking about hip-hop, you be like, ‘Yo, bro. You sure you invented this?’ Cause everybody else is looking better than you.”

“Let me explain something to you: Don’t think just because somebody knows how to get money — or fails to get money — that they didn’t make a contribution to the culture,” LL Cool J said. 

“No one discusses Miles Davis’ bank account. We don’t talk about John Coltrane’s bank account,” he said. “A lot of even rock musicians … a lot of great country artists, we don’t talk about their bank accounts. … This idea that you have to have money or else you don’t have any value is a bad idea and it’s a misinformed way of looking at the world and the culture.”

Cool J then finished off his soliloquy by adding that it were the rap pioneers who made hip-hop influential on a worldwide basis that enables the DJs like Akademiks to be able to make millions today. 

“That’s why I started the movement, so I wouldn’t have to listen to foolish rhetoric about people that changed the world. These people changed the entire world. The whole planet runs on hip-hop culture right now. Every commercial … everything you could think of, it’s all about hip-hop. And it’s people out there that started this thing and I think they deserved to be honored and respected,” LL said.

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