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Cardi B slammed for wishing death on a critic’s mother

Cardi and a Canadian comedian got into a Twitter battle over the release of Offset’s song that discusses shooting people
Cardi B slammed for wishing death on a critic's mother
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Cardi B is ducking from the incoming fire after she snapped on a critic and told her that her “mother is going to die.”

The Invasion of Privacy femcee and wife of Offset got into a Twitter skirmish with Canadian comedian and YouTube star Nicole Arbour over her pointed tweet about Offset.

Arbour took offense at an unnamed single Offset produced and Cardi B shared on social media that goes, “Catch a body broad day / Shoot ’em in the hallway.”

The comedian expressed that violent imagery in Offset’s single is inappropriate in the aftermath of Takeoff’s tragic murder in Houston on Nov. 1.

Cardi B took umbrage to Arbour admonishing her and fired off on the comedian in now-deleted tweets, according to Complex magazine.

“He hasn’t even been to a studio since Take died so wtf are you talking about?” Cardi replied.

Arbour then reposted the Cardi video of Offset’s song, asking fans if she was wrong.

“My bad y’all …” she tweeted. “@iamcardib just posted this and I was sure it was Offset rapping about murder with a fake gun. Honestly, my bad if that’s not what this video is.”

However, Arbour then came back and doubled down on her original statement.

“Oh, I said what I said,” Arbour penned. “Even if that video was made before it happened, you STILL don’t see what’s happening? When u promote senseless violence in a community, you GET senseless violence in a community. It’s sad af that all these young guys are dying, something has to CHANGE.”

Cardi B barked back at Arbour, saying: “Your community don’t sing about mass shooting and f—ing their cousins yet y’all still do it. Mind your pink neck.”

Arbour retorted, saying: “Your brother-in-law was just murdered and you’re posting videos about killing people … still!?!? Like still!?!? How aren’t you getting it yet? This ain’t a joke, this is real talk. You are a damn leader and you can make change in the NAME of Takeoff.”

This is when Cardi said Arbour’s mother is going to die, inciting a backlash from a certain portion of social media.

And the back-and-forth continued.

Cardi B closed out the contentious conversation by denouncing Arbour as a clout-chaser trying to come up off of Takeoff’s premature passing.

Cardi B has not responded to Arbour’s invitation to come on her podcast, “The Arbour Affect” next week to continue discussing this subject.

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