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Boosie adds another prolific rapper to the irrelevant list

Boosie weighs in on Nas and Jay-Z
Boosie adds another prolific rapper to the irrelevant list
Boosie (Photo credit: / Jamie Lamor Thompson)

Boosie has never been the person to be shy about what he says, and his recent opinion about this rapper is just another thing to add to his list of outrageous takes.

The rapper spoke with VladTV and gave his thoughts on 21 Savage’s comments regarding Nas earlier in November. During a Clubhouse chat, 21 Savage got into a debate about Nas, and offered his thoughts about why he thinks he’s still making noise in the industry.

“What y’all [are] saying [is he’s] relevant, though,” 21 Savage said. “I don’t think he’s relevant. I just feel like he got fans.”

Boosie started off by saying that he agrees with 21 Savage’s comments.

“[Nas] just won a Grammy at that age, last year. His records are still doing great,” Boosie said. “He’s definitely relevant to his fan base. He’s still making music, he’s still doing that, then he’s still relevant. I think [21] was looking at it on a young n—- perspective.”

Boosie then added Jay-Z to the conversation and said that his name is more attached to his money than his music.

“When I go to these clubs in Atlanta — clubs [with] 25-to-35-[year-olds] — I’m not hearing Nas, I’m not hearing Jay-Z,” Boosie said. “Jay-Z is respected by these people for being the boss that he is. When Jay-Z flash across that motherf—–, it’s something with a billion dollars. It’s something with $500 billion, $200 billion. It ain’t his songs flashing across social media, it’s his hustle.”

Jay-Z may be wealthy, but he’ll lay out a good verse at anytime, just like Nas.

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