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Ladies, this is how healthy hormones play a huge role in your sex life

Certified nutritionist and holistic health practitioner LaShanna Moore shares tips for women
Ladies, this is how healthy hormones play a huge role in your sex life
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When it comes to sexual health in women there is an actual science behind it. There’s more to it than just having the right partner, being in the mood or using protection. Sexual health also has a lot to do with having healthy hormones in the female body. Certified nutritionist and holistic health practitioner LaShanna Moore weighed in on the conversation.

“Hormone health is the overall status of how the body behaves as a result of our chemical messengers, [also known as] hormones. Much of who we are derives from our hormones such as our metabolism, growth and development. Hormones affect our total mental, emotional, and physical being,” Moore shared.

Luckily, your body will show you signs if your body is not completely balanced. You could notice changes in your overall mood, sleep pattern, your sexual appetite may be lower than normal and even stubborn weight can play a factor.

According to Moore, “when balanced they contribute to our overall sense of well-being and optimal behavior and performance. When they aren’t balanced they send us messages through our mood, emotions, physical changes and more. Your hormones will naturally shift as you mature and age in life but they can also shift when trying to signal that something is not operating properly, such as skin flares, fertility challenges, stress and more.”

To keep track of your hormones, she suggests keeping a personal log of your test results from hormone and thyroid panels. These particular tests can be done every three to five years or when something feels off.

Here are three ways to keep your hormones balanced for a better sex life, according to Moore.

“Create eating behaviors that encourage healthy hormones like nutrition that includes a daily harmony of protein and healthy fats. That combination helps to curb cravings and supports stable insulin.”

“Get to know chemicals you should refrain from using as they can affect hormones in the long run. These can be chemicals such as lead, phthalates, parabens, triclosan and formaldehyde [which can] block the production, transport and breakdown of hormones.”

“Lifestyle can [also] affect hormone health; where you live geographically and the environmental elements like heavy metals, certain soil and the air quality can pose issues. It is impossible to avoid certain environments so using things like water and home purifiers can be helpful.”

Lastly, Moore shared how daily habits can either improve or negatively affect hormonal health.

“The best way to do this is through a daily intake of eating a variety of vegetables and proteins. Also a work-life balance such as managing stress through fun activities and relaxation can greatly improve your hormonal health leading to a healthy sexual appetite. The more you learn about yourself and how your body works will help your hormones thrive without fear,” Moore concluded.

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