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Tay K thinks he wouldn’t have to serve 55 years in prison if this happened

The rapper was sentenced in 2019
Tay K thinks he wouldn't have to serve 55 years in prison if this happened
Image source: Instagram – @tayk47shawty

In July 2019, Tay K was sentenced to 55 years in prison after being found guilty of murder in the death of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. Tay K was 16-years-old when the incident occurred.

The rapper was also sentenced to 30 years for one count of aggravated robbery and was given two additional 13-year prison sentences on two other counts of robbery.

Tay K is speaking out about his 55-year sentence on Twitter, and on Jan. 5, he let the world know if he wasn’t Black, he probably wouldn’t have received such a lengthy punishment.

“I bet if I was a lil’ white kid they wouldn’t have gave me no 55 years for a crime I was alleged to play the most insignificant role in when I was 16,” Tay K wrote. “They woulda rightfully argued that my mind wasn’t fully developed and gave me rehabilitation and a second chance at adulthood.”

Tay K continued and gave an example using one of the co-defendants in his case, who was White.

“One of my codefendants was a White girl who was 16 just like me … they didn’t certify her as an adult, but they certified me and Pimp as adults. Pimp got 30, I got 55, she ended up getting 10 years of probation without no deal … that girl at home tight now,” Tay K wrote.

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