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Chari Monet shares how content creation helped build her makeup artistry brand

The makeup artist and entrepreneur shares the methods she uses to achieve quicker makeup looks
Chari Monet shares how content creation helped build her makeup artistry brand
Photo courtesy of Chari Monet

Chari Monet is a self-taught makeup artist, content creator, and the owner of Monet’s Haus. The businesswoman, wife and mother began her journey with makeup artistry shortly after competing in beauty pageants. After working with different makeup artists, she remembers how difficult it was to find someone that could work with her complexion, her vitiligo skin condition, and her acne at the time.

Monet’s inspiration stems from helping women who may be struggling to find the right makeup routine for themselves. Not only is she well-versed in pageantry makeup, but she also has experience with bridal, photoshoots, prom, and more.

Monet shared how content creation helped her build the brand she has today.

What are some of your favorite makeup styles to do?

So, I have quite a few. Oh, my goodness, I have tried everything I think except special effects makeup. So, I enjoy the soft glam which is the in the area of soft glitters, soft cut creases, and things that just really accentuate the eyes. Those are my favorite types of looks. I also love the super creative makeup. I have a ton of super creative makeup on my Instagram page. I used to do content so that was way big for me, and I think my longest look took me six hours. It was the butterfly [look] that’s on my page. I was like, “why did I do that to myself? Why? Like what was the point?” But it was great, and I got a ton of love on it, so it kept me going honestly.

Have you found faster and easier way to achieve different looks?  

Now that I’ve gotten a rhythm for how to apply the product, I can pretty much work quickly now. Because you are doing it so much, it becomes muscle memory. Like if you pick up a product and you put it on and you’re like “this doesn’t work like my normal work,” you start to get this feeling in your hands, in your heart, and your mind. The texture is everything, and it just makes more sense. To move faster I just make sure it’s consistent across the board texture-wise, product-wise, quality-wise, and those types of things.

Is there anyone in particular you want to work with?

No one in particular, but if the opportunity came I would grab it.

I got acclimated when I was doing content creation. I was featured on the Anastasia Beverly Hills page once, the butterfly look I did was for the e.l.f. cosmetics contest that I submitted for, and that just blew up. I’ve worked for quite a few content brands outside of that. I do a lot of state pageants like Miss Georgia USA and Miss America Georgia. Hopefully, I want to get into the celebrity realm and start working with some people who are moving differently in the industry.

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