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Realtor Joshua Mercer shares driving force behind Premier Chicago Real Estate

Mercer’s businesses fulfill his joy of helping people
Realtor Joshua Mercer shares driving force behind Premier Chicago Real Estate
Photo courtesy of Joshua Mercer

Joshua Mercer is a serial entrepreneur and realtor who is the founder and owner of multiple businesses.

As a Howard alumnus, all of the businesses complement each other well and also help to pour money back into the community. Organizations such as the HU Movemakers, founded by five Howard alumni, and Homecoming at Howard focus on bringing young professionals together through organized cultural events. Eventnoire is a company that puts event planners, organizations and marketers together.

The other organizations focus mainly on investment and insurance. Go Fish Village seeks to bring people together to learn about how to generate wealth, List With Mercer focuses on investment properties and with The Mercer Agency, he’s also an insurance agent for All-State.

His main goal is to help others find their way to financial freedom while also enjoying life.

How did the idea for your businesses come about?

I’m a serial entrepreneur, so I’m always thinking of ideas and new ways to solve problems.

What was the key driving force in you becoming an entrepreneur?

I’m driven by creating a legacy, helping people, and involving myself in things that I’m truly passionate about.

What business-related book has inspired you the most? 

Right now I’m reading Your Next 5 Move and The 6 Habits of Growth.

How did you come up with the names of the companies you created?

I typically incorporate the mission and vision into the name.

How did you raise funding for your ventures?

[I used] personal money, bank loans, and [borrowed money] from family and friends.

How do you build a solid customer base?

[I use] excellent customer service and delivering on promise[s]. [This] leads to word of mouth, Additionally, social media, and being intentional about being in spaces where your target market is.

How do you market your businesses?

[I have used] social media, direct mail, cold calling,and referrals.

What kind of culture exists in your organizations, and how did you establish it?

It depends on the business, but the culture is based on the vision, integrity, accountability and built-in processes that are consistent with expectations.

What has been your biggest obstacle in establishing your businesses?

My biggest challenges [have been] team building, scaling [my business], and [getting] access to capital.

What motivates you?

I’m motivated by being able to provide for my family and being able to create memorable experiences for my friends and family.

Rolling out’s Paperwork Project presents Business Boulevard, sponsored by U.S. Bank, is Tuesday, Feb. 21.

To attend the event, where Joshua and other Black business owners will be, please register at the following link:

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