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How Gabby Goodwin’s business made 6 figures before she turned 16

Teenage entrepreneur running a successful business while still in high school

Gabby Goodwin is the CEO of Confidence, a hair care system designed for young Black girls. Goodwin’s business generated over six figures in the year before she turned 16.

Goodwin explained why she didn’t wait to pursue her vision, and what life is like as a young successful entrepreneur.

Why didn’t you wait to start your business?

I felt as though if I didn’t come up with it or come up with my product, nobody else would. We just [jumped] on the opportunity. I mean, when it came up, I was really pushing toward at least creating one bow, and the GaBBY Bow is a thread that doesn’t fall out, the hair is double-faced and double-snapped so that it can easily stay in their hair, and they don’t fall out.

When the idea came up, at that time, I really just wanted to inspire people, especially girls who look like me. I saw this product as a way to do so. I really just thought this would be a way for me, to not necessarily gain recognition, but [to] be able to inspire other girls to go after their dreams, and see that they can also achieve whatever they want to achieve.

Making six figures before you turned 16, what did you do with all of that money?

Honestly, we just invest it back into the business. Working on the business, rather than spending it on different things because we want to make sure, as a business, we’re growing and scaling so we’re able to expand to bigger levels and achievements.

Are you still in school?

I am. I’m in 10th grade.

Knowing your business is already more successful and brings in more revenue than a lot of students who are going to graduate, what keeps you motivated to stay in school?

I’m a natural learner. I love to learn. I love to be around different people who also love to learn and grow as students. It’s kind of like my normal teenage thing, if you would, because you don’t really have anyone who is my age who was having a business, especially making six figures and above.

It’s a way for me to connect with other teens like me and kids and be able to grow relationships and friendships that will probably be going on for a longer time than being in school. It’s a way for me to learn about different things I’m passionate about. And for me to learn about other people and gain relationships.

What school do you attend?

I go to Spring Hill High School in Columbia, South Carolina.

Where can people follow and support the brand?

Our website is You can follow us on all social medias @gabbybows. Wee are also in the Columbia, South Carolina, area. We have our own retail store and girl salon in the area on 3525 West River Road in Columbia, South Carolina.

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