Alexis Walker shares how ‘Women of the Jury’ role made her emotional as a mom

Her character has to help decide the fate of a young Black man

Alexis Walker is an actress, reality TV personality, producer, recording artist, and a mother of twins who will star in the upcoming Maverick Entertainment production Women of The Jury. The film, directed by Mark K. Buddingon, is predominantly an all-female cast whose characters have to decide a young Black man’s fate as members of the jury.

Walker opened up about her experience while filming with her co-stars Angela White, Drew Sidora, and Erica Pinkett. She also shared how the role affected her as a mother.

Alexis Walker shares how 'Women of the Jury' role made her emotional as a mom
Photo courtesy of Maverick Entertainment

Was it difficult to be in the role of a jury member in the movie Women of The Jury?

Yes, it was definitely emotional and it was intense. This is I believe, the seventh [project] that I filmed this year, and this one was my hardest role. I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. This was my heart as though it was intense. It hit home because of course, we deal with injustice all the time when it comes to things that are fair and not fair in the system. On top of that, it was a lot of women in the cast. Going back and forth with different personalities, different roles, and different characters, it was pretty cool. Outside of it being intense, it was pretty cool, but it still was an intense role.

What was it like getting into character and how did that affect you personally?

It just makes you really start to think about what if you were in that situation. It could have been a brother, it could have been a friend, it could have been a boyfriend, it could have been your son who got murdered that quickly within a flash of your eyes. It just brings you into that moment and it humbled you. You just have to stay prayed up and you have to help your people, peers, and your family. You have to let them know how the system is and to let them know that everything isn’t always fair. When I was actually traveling back home from Atlanta, I watched the Emmett Till movie and it hit. It’s the same kind of situation,  and it really hit. It’s really emotional.

As a mom, how does this movie relate to real-world experiences?

Yes, I have a son and that’s why it definitely hits home. I’m a new mom, my son is two, but it just wakes you up. It can be any of us in that situation. Then you don’t want to scare your brother or scare your son when it comes to being in the real world. You don’t want to make them have anxiety or always watch their back, because everyone’s not the same. But they have to be aware and so you have to raise that awareness and it’s tough.

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My name is Monica Anderson I was a part of The Women of the Jury movie. I was jury number # 9. It was a very emotional role for me. Don’t want to say too much about the project but it takes you on a emotional rollercoaster.

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