How Basil Beale is finding the best talent with King Recordings

Basil ‘King’ Beale has years of experience in the music industry

Founded in 2020 by renowned music veteran Basil “King” Beale, King Recordings Entertainment is an international record label that focuses on management and artist development.

Beale spoke with rolling out about the record label, his opinion on today’s music, and what he’s looking for in artists wanting to join the label.

What led you to launch King Recordings Entertainment?

King Recordings started out in 2020. Prior to that, I had Wicked Wax Records in New York, because that’s where I was based at the time. During the pandemic, I didn’t like the way I saw music was going so decided that I wanted to open my own label and create an example of what music is supposed to sound like, and the direction that reggae music and hip-hop should be going because I don’t like the direction they’re going right now. They do anything and say anything. I think reggae music in general used to be a situation where if you’re sad, in a mood, and you just want to get in a groove, that type of sound brings it to a place of comfort.

What is your opinion of today’s music?

I know from growing up that music is better and it can be better. I don’t like the direction and the vulgar[ity] that music carries right now. The kids feel like it’s comfortable to rap anything, put out anything, and do anything. That’s not how music is supposed to be, it’s supposed to educate, be a vibe, and be conscious, and we’re missing all that right now. I want to take it back to a place where we can educate the kids, because if we don’t, who will?

What kind of artists are you looking for to be a part of your label?

I’m looking for artists that have the touch and voice, and that want in themselves to bring a difference but just need the help to make it happen. There are a lot of artists out there that are very good, but they have no guidance and they have no backing, and if they do get anyone to back them, they don’t get treated fairly. I want to clear the way for these artists to come up and do something great for themselves, be someone that believes in their dream and can mature them to a better high. There are a lot of gifted people out there, but they get stuck because they don’t have a person like me, or a magazine that says, “Your gift is so great, let’s take you to another level without taking your privilege, talent, money, and your self-worth.” I want it to be nice, clean, easy. My motto is if you believe, they’ll come, and that’s why we built such a nice space at King Recordings.

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