Lizzy Mathis and Jessica Alba launch ‘Honest Renovations’ to help parents

Lizzy Mathis and Jessica Alba hope to showcase diversity in families including their own

Former international model and actress Lizzy Mathis is The Cool Mom Co.’s founder and editor-in-chief, an all-inclusive, diversity-driven hangout destination for moms. She and her celebrity friend, actress Jessica Alba, recently launched a show called “Honest Renovations” on Roku TV, where they navigate the world as working mothers and entrepreneurs. They renovate the homes of deserving families, making their transitional new-parent life smoother.

Mathis shared what families request the most and the end goal for their show.

When it comes to renovations, what is something all families request?

Every family, no matter who you are, no matter what state you’re in, and no matter what, is going to request one thing, and it’s storage. You never have enough storage. No matter how big or small your house is, no matter if you have a garage or not, a backyard or not, it doesn’t matter; storage is the number one issue. I think it’s just because with children we accumulate so much. They come home from school, with stacks of big papers and all types of projects and everything they’ve worked on. Not to mention, if you have multiple kids’ clothes and shoes, it’s just a lot, no matter how you flip it. So, storage is the number one thing that, no matter who you are, you will request it.

What is the end goal for “Honest Renovations” on Roku TV?

This show was really important for us. I mean, Jessica and I are both women of color. As a Black woman myself, it was really important for me to make sure that our families were shown. A lot of our families in the show are families of color and are diverse. We have a very diverse cast. You really will see yourself in this show. That was important to us. Being women of color, being co-executive producers on this show, as well as creators of the show. That was super important. Also, the different stages and ages of families were important [to showcase]. There are families that have very small children, there are families with teenage children, and that was super important to show the range of these issues, or tackle points that can happen at different stages of parenthood. That was important to show, but also to take a look at this from the perspective of you don’t have to be super paid or super rich to make these changes. We wanted something that was relatable to everybody, no matter who you are.

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