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Controversial or fair? Black woman gets hit with a brick but no one defends her

The woman has caused an uproar on social media
Controversial or fair? Black woman gets hit with a brick but no one defends her
Image source: Instagram – @rho_reports

On Sept. 4, a video went viral on social media of a Texas Black woman named Rho Bashe explaining that she got hit with a brick by a man because she did not want to give him her number.

“This man just hit me in the face with a brick and all of these Black men just watched and they don’t give a f—,” Bashe said in the video.

One of the men in the back asked her what they were supposed to do, and the woman said, “I want y’all to be a man and f—— do something. Y’all gone let a man hit me in my face?”

The video then switches to the woman sitting in the hospital explaining the situation again, saying that the men who were watching let her get hit with a brick, and watched the man get in the car and leave.

Some users on social media began to feel bad for the woman until they realized she was a content creator and had controversial videos on her page.

In one video, she says that men are not providers, and women are.

“I hope every Black woman is kissing another Black woman because we are the innate protectors and providers,” the woman said. “Men are not providers and protectors, not innately, because they only protect what they possess.”

“What she said was ultimately confirmed, because a man hit her with a brick and other men watched, not protected her. So… yes, actually,” one user commented.

Another user wrote, “Is this supposed to prove she deserved to get hit in the face with a brick? are you insane?”

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