Sukihana has a different opinion about Brittany Renner’s body count

Brittany Renner revealed her body count was 35
Sukihana has a different opinion about Brittany Renner’s body count
Sukihana (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Sukihana is coming to the aid of Brittany Renner.

In a recent podcast appearance on “Club Shay Shay,” Renner revealed her body count to Shannon Sharpe.

“I’ve had sex with 35 guys,” Renner said. Sharpe was appalled by the statement and proceeded to take a shot of liquor.

Once the video hit social media, many people began judging Renner for her body count, while others defended her. Sukihana was one of the individuals who defended Renner.

“I have a message for the people who are judging Brittany Renner for saying that she slept with 35 men, she’s living her truth,” Sukihana said in an Instagram video.

“While you’re judging, you’re pointing one finger… it’s three pointing back at you. Let’s talk about what y’all do, let’s talk about the skeletons in your closet,” Sukihana said. “A lot of y’all sucking d— throughout the week. A lot of y’all sleeping with other people’s husbands, brothers, daddies, and baby daddies. I sleep with baby daddies too but not if they still dealing with their baby momma.

“A lot of y’all are really nasty and you judging her but you sleeping with multiple guys throughout the year. Y’all nasty, judge your momma.”

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