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‘This is an everybody issue’: Kehlani applauded for stance on Gaza war

Celebrity goes against majority of high-profile figures in business
'This is an everybody issue': Kehlani applauded for stance on Gaza war
Kehlani (Photo credit: / DFree)

Kehlani has spoken up and the singer is challenging their peers to do the same.

Amid the terroristic attacks between Israel and Palestine, Kehlani has chosen to side with Palestine publicly. They made multiple posts on social media informing their 15 million Instagram followers why the news is meaningful and why they sided with who they sided with. They also attended a rally to support the state.

“It’s the way there isn’t actually anything more important going on in humanity than this right now,” Kehlani posted on their Instagram story. “If you’re just swiping through stories and kissing your teeth, saying ‘thoughts and prayers,’ ask yourself why you aren’t enraged … infuriated.

“I hope you feel ridiculous reading this.”

Some of the graphics they shared is that Israel is using white phosphorus in Gaza and Lebanon, which is a war crime. The Israeli military has denied the use of the substance, Reuters reported. Human Rights Watch, however, said it has verified videos of the Israelis using white phosphorus. The outlet also reported the substance can legally be used on battlefields. A graphic also stated half of Gaza’s population are children, a claim that has been verified as true by multiple outlets.

Many celebrities, most notably LeBron James and Dwayne Johnson, have publicly supported Israel. Over 700 Hollywood actors have also supported Israel in an open letter. Critics, including Kehlani, have claimed the support for Israel is based on business connections with the Jewish community. Jews make up over 73 percent of Israel’s population, according to multiple reports.

“You’re being silent for the sake of money and business?” Kehlani asked. “There is an insane amount of unchecked privilege on literal f—— display and it is gut-wrenching. It is disgusting.

“People have reached out to me and have been like, ‘Oh! You might want to be quiet. Or blah blah blah. Or maybe you want to-‘ do y’all hear yourselves? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror today and been like, ‘Am I a decent f—– human being?’ I am off put. Get real.”

Kehlani also changed her Instagram profile picture to the statement “I Stand With Palestine.”

“Kehlani is the perfect example of a celebrity [who] took the time to educate themselves on what’s happening, and not go by what Western media tells them,” X user @melanch0lyghost posted on the platform formerly known as Twitter. “THIS is how you use your platform.”

The celebrity also did an interview at the pro-Palestine rally.

“I don’t think it’s a complicated situation at all,” Kehlani said. “I think it’s black and white, and you have a choice to see it or not. I hope you see it, and listen to the people who have families who are going through this or people who are there, I want all of my followers and my peers to stand on the right side of history.”

Popular YouTube streamer iShowSpeed has also supported Palestine.

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