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Atlanta locals share what makes brunch special in the South

Just like Andre 3000 said, ‘The South got something to say’

When people hear the word “brunch,” the first thing that might come to mind is good food and vibes. In the South, brunch has become a popular commodity for a place to eat, hang out, have drinks, and listen to good music. The timing for brunch is also more flexible and easy for people to attend, as it’s not too early in the morning, and it ends early afternoon.

Morningbirds, a new brunch restaurant in Roswell, Georgia, recently opened, and a few guests spoke to rolling out about what makes brunch unique in the South.

“Brunch used to be that meal between breakfast and lunch. It’s an event now,” one guest said. “Brunch is a reason to get dressed up. Brunch is a reason to call your girlfriends up. Brunch is a reason to sit out and hang out with your family. Brunch is now a whole mood, so I love the idea. It is a mid-day party before you go to work on Mondays.”

What makes brunch unique in the South?

Crystal Khalil: It’s an opportunity to come together and connect, and that’s what’s important to us. Our “YUMMY” podcast is about your ultimate most meaningful thing. There are a lot of things we can do with our time, but connecting, coming together, and breaking bread is the best thing that you could do in your time.

Danielle Osborne: In Atlanta, it’s an experience. It’s from what you’re wearing and what everybody else is wearing. Having drinks. It’s a time. You don’t just come in to eat; you come to enjoy and take in everything around you.

Andre Osborne: You party. When you get out late, brunch is always on the menu. You don’t want to go to your standard establishments where things can go wrong, so you want to go someplace where you can feel safe and comfortable, have a good time, and know what you’re going to expect consistently.

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