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Cam’ron considers legal action, hurls accusations at Melyssa Ford

After Melyssa Ford’s incendiary insinuation of him and Ma$e possibly sleeping with underage girls, Cam’ron is considering a defamation of character lawsuit
Cam'Ron (Photo credit: / Jonathan Feinstein)

Calling Cam’ron extremely angry in light of a damning insinuation of possible sex with underaged girls by model and media personality Melyssa Ford is definitely an understatement.

After the Harlem World cohorts recalled a story of once visiting a brothel on their popular show, “It Is What It Is,” Ford and her co-hosts on “The Joe Budden Podcast” gave their thoughts on the episode — with the former video vixen not so subtly suggesting the pair may have had sex with minors back then.

“Is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underage girls in that w—-house?” Ford pondered.

It wasn’t too long before Ford felt the blowback and issued an apology on the next episode of the podcast. “I should never have made that insinuation,” she said.

Never one to filter his words, the Dip Set leader used Instagram Live to share his very unfiltered thoughts while questioning her background and inquiring why Joe Budden didn’t edit the accusations out.

“First of all, we only like older [women]; second of all, it was 1992, and we were underage,” Cam’ron began. “That’s A and B. We wasn’t [sic] supposed to be in there. We wasn’t [sic] 18, I had just turned 16. I ain’t even defending myself on that nonsense. You not even from this country so I don’t know what the f— going on in the w—-houses in Canada. Whatever pedophile s— they on where you from, we not [sic] on that. The moral of the story, she said it, knowing the times we are in. Joe Budden and them went in on her or whatever like, ‘That’s some serious allegations but they didn’t edit it out. So they either threw her under the bus or they said, ‘F— it, let’s get the ratings.’ ”

The “Get ‘Em Girls” rapper then hurled his own scandalous accusations at Ford by claiming the model had sex in a nightclub bathroom with Ice-T for money.

“I could’ve went straight to Ice-T f—– you in the bathroom for $2,000 when you was [sic] doing waitressing. I didn’t even go there!” he proclaimed. “You used to f— in the bathroom at the Kit Kat Club or one of them old-a– clubs. Stop, you a video vixen!”

As the live-feed went on, a visibly upset Cam’ron expressed his apprehension about her apology efforts and said he’s weighing his legal options.

“I was going to leave it alone but then she said ‘sorry,’ which the sorry wasn’t even genuine. That s— was fake. I don’t know who even convinced her to do the s—,” he mused. “But whoever did that was smart ’cause now if I sue n—– for defamation of character, I’m a sucker, right? … Now if I sue y’all n—–for defamation of character, I’m a sucker. Well, I might be a sucker, I just might be. I don’t know yet. I’m thinking about it, pause.”

Budden shot back at Cam’ron in a subsequent episode and encouraged him to follow through with the lawsuit if he thinks he has a case.

“You think you got a lawsuit, call your lawyer,” Budden relayed. “You got enough lawyers. I think they’ll advise you against it. And I don’t think n—– papers is long enough for frivolous lawsuits that they don’t have a chance on winning.”

“Call your lawyer and look up what defamation means,” he added. “I’m not doing this s— with you n—– out here. You n—– are trying to play algorithm games, and I’m not here for none of it.”

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