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Blueface’s mom says Chrisean Rock gave her baby a disability

Karlissa Saffold also said Rock and Jaidyn Alexis need to have their tubes tied
Karlissa Saffold
Karlissa Saffold, mother of Blueface (Image source: YouTube/Jason Lee Show)

Blueface’s mother accuses his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock of causing the permanent disability that her infant son allegedly suffers from today.

Karlissa Saffold took to her Instagram page to vent about how she hopes that Rock does not go to jail or prison for allegedly assaulting Tamar Braxton’s backup singer James Wright. This is because Saffold believes that Rock needs to be home to care for her infant son, Chrisean Malone Jr., whom she says caused permanent disabilities due to her drinking and smoking while pregnant.

Fans also speculate that Chrisean Jr. may be suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome due to her and Blueface’s debaucherous lifestyle.

According to The Neighborhood Talk, which reposted the IG rant, Saffold said she hopes Rock will be there “to take care of [the son] for the rest of his life because of what she done did to him.

YouTube video

“That’s her responsibility,” Saffold continued. “She did that to him. That’s her problem.”

“I hope they all get their tubes tied,” she said, also referring to Blueface’s other on-and-off girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, who has two of Blue’s children. “I really don’t think none of them should be anybody’s momma. Y’all are not worthy to be anybody’s mother. I’m sorry. That’s just my personal opinion.

YouTube video

Fans on social media agreed, with one respondent commenting, “The blogs done caught her a few times drinking! Y’all kept hyping her on everything she did she ain’t see nothing wrong with smoking with him either y’all hyped that up to basically anything she did she was never in the wrong even with the baby coming out it’s clearly giving something wrong with him she had that baby way in September it’s no reason why he still this small fr y’all still saying this wasn’t caused by none of the sh** she was doing while pregnant crazy asf.”

A second person wrote, “We all know that if a pregnant woman is drinking alcohol smoking cigarettes or doing drugs it can be harmful or dangerous or lead to complications or a disability to that baby and for us to had witnessed her smoking while pregnant was sad so imagine the times we didn’t see her taking in substances and aside from the babies eye it’s obvious the baby has some sort of medical condition and that sad.”

Some, however, told Saffold she needed to keep that same energy about her son Blueface having more children: “And do us a favor and make your son get a vasectomy bc he doesn’t need to be anyone’s father.”

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