Ingrid Best, founder of ‘IBest Wines’, is boldly redefining industry norms to be more inclusive and globally connected

Ingrid Best is a ‘Sister with Superpowers’ who is transforming wine culture, embracing diversity, and fostering global connections.
Ingrid Best stands in front of her namesake wine, IBest Wines
Founder and wine négociant of IBest Wines, Ingrid Best

Ingrid Best, the founder of IBest Wines, defies the conventional image of a wine entrepreneur. She’s an audacious leader driven by a mission to make the wine industry more inclusive, diverse, and globally interconnected. At the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) Honors awards celebration on Sunday, March 3, 2024, held at the sophisticated SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, Best was sponsored by Cadillac as the exclusive wine négociant. Her wines took center stage, being served exclusively during the awards ceremony and dinner.

Ingrid Best, founder of 'IBest Wines', is boldly redefining industry norms to be more inclusive and globally connected
Photo Courtesy Nice Crowd

With a background in marketing for some of the industry’s biggest players and a passion for art and culture, Best brings a unique perspective to the world of wine. Her journey began long before the launch of IBest Wines in October 2023. With a successful 20-year career working for industry giants like Diageo, Moët Hennessy, and Bacardi, she broke through glass ceilings and paved the way for women of color in executive roles. Her advocacy for Black and Brown women to hold positions at every level of business has been a hallmark of her career.

For Best, IBest Wines isn’t just about selling wine; it’s about creating a global conversation. She aims to connect people from different backgrounds through the universal language of wine. Her portfolio of fine wines reflects this vision, offering a selection that appeals to the modern-day wine drinker who craves new, dynamic, and diverse flavors.

Ingrid Best, founder of 'IBest Wines', is boldly redefining industry norms to be more inclusive and globally connected
(L-R) Ingrid Best, ABFF Executive Producer Rikki Hughes, and Cadillac Head of Multicultural Marketing Juanita (Photo Courtesy ABFF)

Rolling out caught up with Best on the red carpet during ABFF Honors. During her interview, Best alluded that the presence of her wines at the awards ceremony symbolized her expanding influence in both the wine and entertainment sectors. Read more of what she had to say below.

Tell us about IBest Wines.

IBest Wines is my namesake wine brand that I launched in October 2023. It consists of two beautiful blends from South Africa and was founded by myself and five other Black women.

We’re here at ABFF Honors celebrating Black Excellence in film. What does it mean for you to have an iconic brand like Cadillac see and celebrate the excellence in you?

It means everything to me. Cadillac has been aligned with community, culture and women for a very long time. For Cadillac to see me is very, very special. I’m honored to be here on their behalf, and I love what they’re doing. When I got tapped, I said “Ok Cadillac, I see you.”

Describe your 2024 ABFF Honors experience thus far.

It has been incredibly beautiful. Last night, we had a private dinner, where they served my wines, IBest Wines. Cadillac’s leadership and marketing teams were there and it was beautiful to hear about all the work that they’re doing. To see some of the other brands they’re working with, including chocolatier Phillip Ashley Rix was amazing. For them to support IBest Wines, it was simply fantastic.

Cadillac’s “Audacity” campaign talks about true icons. In your opinion, who is an iconic woman in the industry who embodies audacity, resilience and innovation?

I would say Issa Rae. She really embodies audacity. She commands that energy that you’re going to see her, and make a seat at the table for her, and I love that about her.

Ingrid Best, founder of 'IBest Wines', is boldly redefining industry norms to be more inclusive and globally connected
Ingrid Best and CJ Pasley (Photo courtesy ABFF)

What does audacity mean to you?

Audacity means to show up as yourself and to be 100% who you are. It means to be audacious, and I don’t think we do it enough. Sometimes, I think people think audacity and audaciousness is a negative thing, and it’s actually just a pathway to being authentic.

During this Women’s History Month, share your thoughts on honoring and recognizing women who have made history.

Women are the foundation of all things. Humans are born from women. So, we must honor and see one another and we must hold space for women. We are making history every single day. I like to say that Women’s History Month is everyday, not just March.

Rolling out recognizes and honors ‘Sisters with Superpowers‘ on an on-going basis. If you had to select a superpower, what would you consider it to be?

It would be my love for mentorship. I love giving back. I love connecting with women. I love supporting and coaching other women and I thing that’s a superpower. We were put on this earth to serve.

See photo gallery below from the Cadillac ABFF pre-Honors private dinner, hosted by Best, that offered an unparalleled fusion of art, culture, and gastronomy, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating the forthcoming celebration. 

Photo attribution: Robin L. Marshall

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