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Quavo’s diss song aimed at Chris Brown gets mixed reaction

Some fans expressed concern about where the Breezy-Huncho feud is going, and how it might end
Quavo at Martell and BET event during 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago. (Photo credit: Eddy "Precise" Lamarre)

Quavo flashed his fangs in his diss track response to Chris Brown’s volcanic “Weakest Link” on Monday evening, April 22.

The former Migos rapper evoked his deceased relative Takeoff to bash Breezy in the blazing song “H–s and B—-s” where Quavo calls Breezy the “crackhead Michael Jackson” and said he fumbled the bag when he beat up Rihanna in 2009.

Once again bringing up the Rihanna fiasco, Quavo spits this onto wax: “Little b—- come battle with my drac/ You been f—– your bag up when you punched Rih in the face.”

Quavo also mentions Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karreuche Tran in the single, which fans believe is at the core of their beef.

“Lil’ boy wanna die ’bout some c——? You still f—-d up ’bout Karrueche?/ You tried to beat up Teyana but Usher wouldn’t let you/ The cocaine got ’em, your honor, bipolar disorder, no wonder/ You was the greatest, n—-, you fumbled, going out sad, I’m watching you crumble,” he raps.

There are also a few lines about Frank Ocean in 2013 and the reported break-in at his Los Angeles-area home in 2015. “It ain’t nun’ but a fade, you know you lost to Frank/ N-ggas ran in your house, tied up your aunt ’cause you ain’t pay.”

Lastly, and perhaps more omininously, Quavo appears to issue a threat to Brown with this verse: “This bullet got your name/ Don’t ever bring up Take, p—y.”

Chris Brown responded to Quavo’s diss by laughing at it

Chris Brown retorted by telling Quavo that he needs to tighten up his lyrical game.

“Google raps. That s— is poooooooh. Damn and I was excited … that s— don’t even need a response. Takeoff rap better.”

Quavo’s diss track of Chris Brown got mixed reviews from fans

Fans clashed over the quality of the track “H— and B—–s” track, with more folks on The Neighborhood Talk saying Chis Brown slayed Quavo with his blazing song “Weakest Link.”

  • “Ummm, @chrisbrownofficial still ate him up like 2 bowls of cereal 😂😂😂”;
  • “TRASH!!!!!!!”
  • “Bruh you got bodied by an R&B light skin dude next.”
  • Bruh just delete this. 🤮
  • “You should’ve sat this one out my boy!!!”

Folks on YouTube, however, were Quavo’s corner and said his song was strong

“I think it’s good Quavo didn’t stay quiet, he responded within 48hrs, I like it.”

“This ain’t a diss tape. This is a hit.”
“This gotta be the hardest verse and/or song I’ve ever heard from Quavo.”
“‘CRACK HEAD MICHAEL JACKSON’! that line was wild.”
Quavo killed it with TakeOff on the track lol genius

More than a few fans expressed concern about the escalating beef and where this is going, crystallized by this comment from a fan:

“All these beefs in the music industry, it’s like watching a train wreck, nobody remembers the Biggie and Pac beef how well did that end, then folks sit around talking about what a tragedy,🤦‍♀️ the tragedy now is that folks are sitting around watching and encouraging this mess, history will repeat itself if we are not careful!!”

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