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Why Aryeè The Gem describes her music as love in a bottle

The singer’s set at the Milk and Cookies festival is a full-circle moment for her

Alabama native Aryeè The Gem came to the Milk and Cookies Festival in 2023. For three days straight she supported the artists who performed. In a full-circle moment, Aryeè came back to the festival this year — but she was the one performing, showcasing her skills and sharing her music with the crowd.

Aryeè spoke with rolling out about the festival, her musical journey, and how she would describe her sound.

How did it feel to perform during the festival?

It felt like a dream to be a part of this all-woman lineup with an all-woman band. That felt so special to me, especially being raised in the same city as Flo Milli. It’s so many synchronicities that were telling me I was supposed to be here. I just feel like the mission was accomplished.

How would you describe your sound?

I will say that my sound is like love in a bottle. You just take a sip of love [and] activate some things; it opens your heart and taps you back into yourself. Also, it’s just fun and it feels good. It’s mad hot outside, and you just take a nice glass of water to the head. That’s how my music is going to make people feel. It’s like alternative R&B vibes.

Why is it special for you to be in this music space?

It’s so important for me as a woman who is growing and finding her voice and finding out what it means to step into divine feminine energy. So, to see these reflections of women just doing what they love, it’s an affirmation for me — and I just want to continue to be an affirmation for other people in that way as well.

Why did you choose music?

Music chose me. I grew up just having an affinity to music. That’s something that was cultivated by my community and my mom — and it was literally just the most consistent thing in my life. Not growing up with my birth parents, I feel like God really knew I needed music as an anchor. I needed something to keep me focused so I wouldn’t lose my way because I almost did. I had to remember my purpose is to give, express and share.

Where do you see yourself musically in 10 years?

I see myself continuing to be a part of shifting the sonic frequency of music — elevating it — and also helping future generations come into it, especially women. I want to help them develop the skills and the tools that they need to be successful in this industry. As a songwriter, an engineer and a producer, to be able to know how to show up in these rooms is so important. So, I’ll continue to be an example and continue to facilitate spaces where people can be themselves.

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