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Gospel singer Latrice Pace shares a prayer for people trying to find faith

Through ‘mourning,’ Latrice Pace wants to restore the feeling of ‘morning’

Gospel singer Latrice Pace has overcome many things in her life, and grief is one that she talks about in her song “It’s Morning.” Pace inspires and motivates people who are mourning, reminding them that God is with them through it all, and He wants to restore the feeling of “morning.”

Pace spoke with rolling out about the making of “It’s Morning” and gave a message for people trying to find their faith.

What made you record “It’s Morning”?

God gave me that song about seven years ago. At the time, I was just reading Psalm, and I came across David when he was hiding from his enemies, and the Scripture said, “Lord, let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love. Like the lilies of the field, I’ll trust in you.” Because I don’t hear you. I don’t see you. I feel isolated and alone and lonely. I need to feel you. So, at that moment, it was just writing from David’s point of view of wanting tomorrow morning to feel different. Fast-forward seven years, we’ve all come [through] this pandemic, and we’ve experienced loss of income, loss of spouses, relationships, and careers. Even my family went through a season of mourning, and he said ,”OK, now it’s time to release this song. Get back to what I’ve given you and it’s morning. Anything you think you’ve lost or anything you feel like you’re lacking, God is restoring it in this season of morning.”

When would you say was the moment you found God?

A lot of times, we draw close and drift, so I would have to say, like any other person, through every challenge, you get closer, but I would say that the initial first time was probably when my dad passed. When my dad transitioned, I literally felt vulnerable and uncovered and was just like, “What am I going to do now?” God was like, “I’m gonna help you deal with this pain. I’m going to help you deal with that void, but I’ve always been your father. I want to be. I want to take that place.” I will have to say it was definitely when my dad died because I didn’t have anybody but God even though I had my family, but it wasn’t daddy. As a girl, your daddy is going to bail you out of everything. You have that safety net. And when I didn’t have that anymore, it was devastating. Like what am I going to do? And God was like, “Hey, it’s our time now.”

What message would you share for people trying to find their faith?

Stay connected to God; always keep that spiritual base, that foundation, because He will lead and guide you in all things. Don’t seek other people’s opinions or thoughts about it. Maybe a little bit in some things, but don’t lean too heavily on what other people think and ask their opinion, because, in this process, I realized everybody in this industry is out here guessing. Everybody’s trying to fit in, they’re winging it, and trying to figure it out. Nobody knows what’s going to be the thing or what people are going to gravitate to, but God does. Be authentic to yourself, stay connected to him, and stay focused. You’re going to run into some people who are not quite like you, who may not embrace you, that may not love you the way you love or love the way you love, but don’t allow it to change your love for them, and the way you love.

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