5 full-figured feministas who’ll light up your Instagram timeline

Two of the few redeeming qualities of social media are its ability to give voice to those in need of a platform and shine a light on issues previously hidden in darkness. Such is the outcome for full-figured feministas on Instagram, who use the social media app to spread their message of self-love and plus […]

5 reasons to book your trip to Cairo now

I can’t and won’t lie: I was afraid to visit Egypt. Televisions in my home stay locked on CNN and my husband’s beloved MSNBC (he has a love-hate relationship with Joy Reid, who’s affectionately called “Joy-Ann” in our home), and Egypt looks less than tempting as a vacation destination as shown via Western media outlets. […]

The Black Delegation speaks: R. Kelly and 8 other folks not invited to Wakanda

It’s official. Wakanda is real and according to the Twitter account of Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr. Airport, named after The Mecca’s first Black mayor, flights to the all-things-Black-and-wonderful utopia have already began departing Atlanta (because where else would they leave from?). A one-way ticket is free. You just have to recite the lyrics to any […]

How I found the most romantic sunset in Portugal (pictures)

It was love at first hashtag search between Restaurante Ponto Final and me. Having just booked a recent trip with a long layover, I sat up in bed one evening searching Instagram on my iPhone for images of Lisbon, Portugal. This is commonly how vacation planning begins for me. After booking airlines tickets, I look […]

Dubai vacation: 5 things to do, 5 things to skip (pictures)

For nearly two decades, Dubai has been portrayed as a veritable land of plenty by professional expats and jet-setters who flock to the desert oasis seeking opportunity, lavish lifestyle experiences and adult play in the ever-expanding seaside metropolis. When I booked my recent trip with East Texas Bama, I had similar visions dancing in my […]

An afternoon in Abu Dhabi: Queen for a day

During a recent trip to Dubai, my husband, writer East Texas Bama, and I decided to take a breather from the bustling and most grandiose Emirates city. Like most visitors, we sought the suburban (only slightly less grandiose) desert shores of capital city Abu Dhabi. Like its sister city, Abu Dhabi boasts ambitious skyscrapers, meticulously […]

When a man loves a woman: No hair, don’t care (get ready to cry)

When Houston resident Amber J. Benoit met her husband Brandon, she was keeping a little secret. The Louisiana native and customer service representative was losing her hair. Well, there was more. She had a little crush on him and she was falling fast. But, she wondered, if she got the man, could he handle her secret?

Haitian family featured in Disney show ‘The Exchange’

Haitian-Jamaican writer and director Daheli Hall created Disney’s new show The Exchange: “When their study abroad program is cancelled, a teen girl suggests her classmates spend a week at each other’s houses.” At the center of the show is an adorable Haitian protagonist. Check it out here: Video Credit: Disney

Rio Olympics gold trio: Black girl magic in full effect

Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles and Simone Manuel stand as living, breathing, tossing, jumping, vaulting and spinning proof that there’s no magic behind Black skin that makes gathering Olympic gold look like a birthright. These sister gymnasts put in the work — hours and hours and then more hours of training and uncompromising drive to make it to the top. And who are these young women?

100 lies they’ll tell you about your sexual assault in college

Angry couple

This list is dedicated to all of the young women I’ve taught at the collegiate level since 2001. Those who’ve struggled with their assaults in the light and in the dark. You mustn’t believe anything below.  They will tell you, you wanted it. Maybe just a little … Right? Deep down inside This was your fantasy Your […]

House in the Park: Atlanta’s celebration of Afrocentric culture

Yesterday, beginning at about 8 a.m. African Americans from throughout the country exited Interstate 20 at Boulevard, made a left turn and descended upon Atlanta’s historical Grant Park to usher in House in the Park 2015, a house music extravaganza that has become a huge black family reunion of sorts for music, dance, and culture […]

Sisters with naturals at ONE Music Fest 2014: The queendom grows

There was a time when not one month could go by without me slapping a full kit of white, creamy toxic hair relaxer on my innocent, brown and stressed out scalp. It was tiring, methodical work that made me a scientist, mathematician, doctor and hairdresser before the kitchen sink. While the boxes insisted I wait six […]

I don’t care who killed Michael Brown: And neither should you

Following a late night Facetime debate with my grandmother last night, I found myself on YouTube seeking snippets of artist Kanye West’s politically charged post-Hurricane Katrina 2005 pronouncement that sitting president “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” During a celebrity-led telethon set to raise funds for Americans displaced during the cataclysmic wash that might […]