Jennifer Lopez blasted for saying she’s a ‘Black girl from the Bronx’ in song

Members of the Black community are looking at Jennifer Lopez sideways after the Latina singer calls herself a “Black girl from the Bronx” on her newest collaborative single. J-Lo, 51, provided vocals on Colombian singer Maluma’s single “Lonely.” According to Hollywood Unlocked and The Source, the single was sung in Spanish, with J-Lo belting out […]

Miley Cyrus apologizes for hating on rap music; do fans accept?

Miley Cyrus has grown tired of being persona non grata in the hip-hop world. Urbanites had canceled Cyrus and made her “Rap Enemy No. 1” after using a 2017 Billboard magazine interview like a baseball bat to bash rap music to pieces following the years she enjoyed profiting enormously from the genre. Overnight, Cyrus became […]

Kylie Jenner ripped on Twitter for allegedly displaying new Black BFF

As soon as Kylie Jenner entered her post-Jordyn Woods life and was spotted holding hands with another stunning Black beauty en route to a party, Twitter pounced on the reality star and makeup mogul. Jenner was just seen in the trailer to this week’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” saying that former BFF Jordyn […]

Miley Cyrus tries rap come back, but gets smacked back to Nashville

Black culture soldiers are standing at the ready, keeping guard against the infamous culture vultures who try to breach the bridge and sneak back in to pillage the treasure chest and rape the rap genre. And guess who the culture soldiers see coming this way? Miley Cyrus, the former Nickelodeon star who transformed into a […]

Artists defend Bruno Mars against charges of being a culture vulture

After being bombarded with charges of cultural appropriation yet again, several artists have come to the defense of superstar Bruno Mars. Most recently, Charlie Wilson and 9th Wonder took to social media to heap praise onto Bruno, with Wilson calling him a “genuine talent, pure and simple.” “Bruno, with this album, helped bring back that classic […]

How Miley Cyrus used trap music and Black culture as a ghetto safari

Miley Cyrus has finally returned from her exploration of Black culture. It was an exploration that occurred three years after Cyrus, at age 17, told a reporter that she had “never heard a Jay Z song,” because she did not listen to pop music. But Cyrus was given a pass on her Jay Z slight […]