Pastor George Barnes and Junetta Barnes discuss building wealth as a couple

The second annual Millionairess conference presented by Dr. Jewel Tankard was held on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at the Silver Garden Events Center. The theme of the conference was “Building Wealth Through Innovation” and focused on building financial portfolios. Pastor George Barnes and Junetta Barnes were featured speakers during the conference and stopped by the […]

Cyrene Lovette is on her way to becoming a millennial millionairess

The 2nd Annual Millionairess Conference presented by Dr. Jewel Tankard will be held at Silver Garden Events Center in Southfield, Michigan, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 6, 2019. Tankard, a Detroit native and global economist, is providing women with the tools and resources to make smart and quality investments. With the theme of […]

Top 7 reasons to attend RIDE’s inaugural conference, Sept. 22-23 in Atlanta

We’ve challenged ourselves to come up with the top seven reasons to attend this year’s Rolling Out Innovation Digital Entertainment (RIDE) Conference and we did it with flying colors. So, why should you join our award-winning, best-selling, CEO speakers and your tribe of forward-thinking thought-leaders, innovators, disruptors, and entrepreneurs from across the nation for RIDE in Atlanta Sept. 22-23? […]

Rich Girls Trade’s Tamara Young teaches you how to turn your phone into an ATM

Tamara Young has worn some noteworthy hats in her career: public relations practitioner (PR pro), award-winning culinary expert, traveler, wellness and finance executive, event planner, on-air broadcast personality, highly sought after relationship marketing coach, and CEO of Preventative Health Partners LLC. Her most recent hat that she’s currently making waves in is that of head […]

Jewel Tankard on talk show, tells future ‘millionairesses’ to never give up

International businesswoman, entrepreneur, evangelist, talk-show host, reality TV star and wife are only some of the roles “millionairess” Jewel Tankard plays. This phenomenal woman seems to do it all with ease. She was recently in Detroit taping season two of her nationally syndicated talk show, “The Jewel Tankard Show,” where she discusses everyday issues that […]

Jewel Tankard on ‘Thicker Than Water’ return; ATL premiere watch party

Jewel Tankard

The Tankards are one of the realest families on reality TV, and they’re coming back for “Thicker Than Water” season 3, Easter weekend. They’re planning on hosting watch parties throughout the country, starting with their premiere show in the Atlanta market on Sunday, March 27, at the Impact Events Center, 2323 Sylvan Rd. in East […]

Ben and Jewel Tankard share marriage secrets, tell why sex ed is so important

Ben and Jewel Tankard are not parents who shy away from or bite their tongues when it comes to any subject and preparing their children for life. As for the second season of “Thicker Than Water: The Tankards,” Ben says “Fasten your seat belts because my family is full of surprises.” The new season will be […]