Big Sean raps freestyle over Drake and Kanye beats, drops new single

Big Sean has returned to performing and putting out the hits in rapid succession. Just 13 months after he released his last album Detroit 2, the veteran rapper released his new single “What a Life” on Oct. 22, two days after he freestyled on “L.A. Leakers.” In the freestyle, Big Sean rapped over four beats, […]

Michelle Obama’s former Secret Service agent tells of racist encounters

A former Secret Service agent who helped protect Michelle Obama said she felt bad because she could do nothing to prevent the racial abuse that the former first lady was subjected to routinely. Evy Poumpouras was an agent in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security during both Bush administrations as well as the Clinton and […]

Black man shot outside of White House reportedly holding a comb

A  Black man who was shot by Secret Service members at the White House was reportedly only holding a comb. On Aug. 10, Myron Berryman, 51, was outside of the White House in Washington, D.C. when he allegedly approached a member of the Secret Service, according to the Washington Post. Berryman, who suffers from mental […]

Secret Service called after Black child seen with play money on school bus

It is a sad fact in America that Black children are criminalized at an alarming rate. But what happened to Sadiq Kelly, 10, borders on the ridiculous. Sadiq’s mother had given the special-needs student a stack of prop money purchased on to help him learn to count. But when a Chevy Chase, Maryland, school […]

The Obamas and Clintons were sent ‘suspicious packages’ in the mail

The U.S. Department of the Treasury and local law enforcement officials have launched investigations after federal agents got possession of suspicious packages near the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton and later near the residence belonging to Barack and Michelle Obama. The U.S. Secret Service told the media that it intercepted the packages addressed to […]

Snoop Dogg on the Secret Service watch list

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has its eyes on Mr. Calvin Broadus. Snoop Dogg created controversy when he posted a photo of his “Make America Crip Again” album cover, which shows the dead body of President Donald Trump.  The photo shows Snoop peering over the lifeless body draped in an American flag with a toe tag reading […]

Out of control car almost hits President Trump’s limousine (video)

Donald Trump

As President Donald Trump’s motorcade traveled through Springfield, Missouri, yesterday his security detail was caught flat-footed. A video posted to Facebook by a user named Clayte Hefner shows the presidential motorcade traveling down a stretch of road. Just as the presidential limousine, known as “The Beast,” passes, a white car is seen speeding from nearby woods. […]

Man who tried to kill President Reagan to be released

Almost 35 years ago, America was shocked when would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr., opened fire on President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Hinckley shot Reagan and three others, including then-Press Secretary James Brady who died in 2014 due to complications from his injuries. President Reagan’s injuries lift him hospitalized and in critical condition, but he eventually recovered. […]

Donald Trump denies kicking 30 Black students out of rally

Donald Trump’s Monday evening rally at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia did not begin until 30 Black students were kicked out of the event. But the answer to the question of who ordered the removal of the students isn’t so clear. The students, many of whom were wearing all black, were reportedly standing on […]

White House fence climber causes alarm on Thanksgiving

A man draped in an American flag climbed over the White House fence on Thanksgiving Day. The Obama family was at the residence when a security lockdown was initiated by the Secret Service.  The man was immediately confronted and apprehended by the Secret Service and guard dogs on the White House lawn. One witness at […]

Black woman puts a Twitter hit out on Donald Trump, gets fired

People seem to be taking to social media at a greater rate to voice their frustration and anger towards racists like Donald Trump. One woman’s tweet has now resulted in her being fired from her job. Kalen Rahim tweeted the following: Trump was scheduled to appear at a campaign event in Worcester, Massachusetts and the […]

Secret Service expert outs Hillary Clinton’s marriage as being phony

A Secret Service expert is spilling the beans on Hillary Clinton’s 40-year marriage to former President Bill Clinton. He says the Clintons are faking their relationship for the sake of her presidential campaign. Robert Kessler is an author and investigative journalist who has written 20 books about the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA. He […]

Another intruder jumps White House fence

The White House was put on lockdown yesterday evening as another intruder was able to jump the security fence. This time, the intruder was a black man, Dominic Adesanya, 23, a resident of Bel Air, Maryland was unarmed. Adesanya was captured before he reached the White House residence and at no time was President Obama […]

Report reveals Obama’s top Secret Service detail compromised

In a startling discovery, it has been revealed that a top Secret Service team was compromised and the president left unprotected during a time when the team was moved in order to protect the personal friend of Mark Sullivan, the former director of the Secret Service. The incident occurred in 2011 but has recently come […]

Slain single mother update: Miriam Carey’s lawyer exposes media’s lies

In an exclusive conversation with rolling out, Eric Sanders, of The Sanders Firm PC, spoke on the wrongful death lawsuit of Miriam Carey and revealed misconceptions surrounding the case. The firm has filed an affidavit describing police actions and failures of standard procedure on the day Carey was gunned down by the Secret Service and […]

Single mom, Miriam Carey, killed by Secret Service; family seeks justice

On October 3, 2013, a horrible situation played out live on national TV when Miriam Carey was killed by police. Carey, a dental hygienist from Stanford, Conn., had reportedly driven three days to DC with her one-year-old daughter in the car. She was suffering from postpartum depression and psychosis and believed President Obama was watching […]

Chris Brown’s D.C. assault case takes an interesting turn

Things just got very interesting in the Chris Brown D.C. assault case. An internal investigation has been launched as to whether the responding officer has been completely forthcoming about what he saw and heard after arriving at the hotel where Brown was accused of attacking a man. Via Billboard: The investigation centers on a disputed […]

Miriam Carey identified as woman who tried to bust through White House barriers

UPDATE: Federal investigators from the U.S. Department of Justice (Federal Bureau of Investigation), The Department of the Treasury (the Secret Service) and local Stamford police officers told the media that Miriam Carey was suffering from schizophrenia and was deluded into thinking that President Obama was personally stalking her. She was on various types of medication […]

Secret Servicemen, Charlie Sheen and Other Powerful Men Who Love Prostitutes

Paying for sex is an activity that society frowns upon, but it’s also something that’s become all too common in our modern world. While we turn up our noses and shake our heads, it happens more than people would like to admit, unless they’re forced to, of course. The latest group involved in a prostitution […]

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