Why tech security CEO John Griffin Jr.’s motto is ‘always giving back’

John Griffin Jr. is the CEO and founder of AGB Investigative Services, which stands for Always Giving Back. According to their website, AGB is the largest Black-owned, award-winning security firm in the nation, and they offer expertise in a full range of security services, including physical and cybersecurity. Griffin spoke with rolling out about why […]

Gunna gets into altercation at Miami jewelry store (video)

Nowadays, it’s always good to have a security guard no matter where you go, especially in a jewelry store. That was the case for Atlanta rapper Gunna on Dec. 29, as a video surfaced on Instagram of a man approaching him in a Miami jewelry store. Before any harm could be done, Gunna’s security guard […]

Former cop who placed knee on Black woman’s neck booked for misconduct (video)

Another incident of police brutality against an African American has surfaced. According to the Miami Herald, Safiya Satchell was sitting in her Mercedes SUV when she was approached by an off duty police officer who was working as security for a strip club in the immediate proximity of the incident, which occurred on Jan. 14. […]

Superfan Spike Lee boycotting Knicks after scrap with MSG security (video)

For 28 years, Spike Lee claims that he has entered the same door at Madison Square Garden to watch his beloved New York Knicks play basketball, and until this week, it was never a problem. Lee, a Morehouse graduate and recent Academy Award-winning filmmaker, was confronted upon entering the Garden Tuesday, March 3, 2020, as […]

The insane amount that Kylie Jenner spends monthly on security

Kylie Jenner’s monthly security expenses revealed. The 22-year-old Lip Kit guru – who has 21-month-old daughter Stormi with Travis Scott – spares no expense in ensuring her family is kept safe, her father Caitlyn Jenner has revealed. Asked if the famous family always needs security, Caitlyn told her campmates on the UK reality show “I’m […]

DaBaby’s female fan gets knocked out cold by his security (video)

The casualty count of fans approaching DaBaby continues to rise. Despite the fact that DaBaby’s security team already has a reputation of pummeling fans who bumrush to greet him or get an autograph, folks keep trying him. It happened again in New Orleans where DaBaby, 27, was performing at the Free Water Block Party In […]

Florida man draws gun on teens, shoots to enforce community pool rules

A Florida man was arrested after he attempted to enforce pool rules and usage at a subdivision. Richard Marcelle, 66, is a member of the HOA at a Volusia County subdivision called The Village in Ormond Beach, Florida. Among the amenities offered to residents is the use of a community pool. According to Daytona news […]

Mary Parker inspires with Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment Summit

Mary Parker is one of the leading business moguls of this generation. In  2001, Parker founded ALL N ONE Security Services without a business partner or employees. Today, ALL N ONE Security Services is proud to employ nearly 700 people and has blossomed into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Parker’s company even worked side by side with the United […]

‘Amazon Rekognition’: 50 percent chance Amazon software has your photo for cops

If you have ever uploaded a selfie to social media or have a federal or state issued ID, chances are your face is on file and you have little-to-no control over its use. Clare Garvie, a technology expert and author of  The Perpetual Line-Up: Unregulated Police Face Recognition in America, stated to rolling out, “Over half […]

Out of control car almost hits President Trump’s limousine (video)

Donald Trump

As President Donald Trump’s motorcade traveled through Springfield, Missouri, yesterday his security detail was caught flat-footed. A video posted to Facebook by a user named Clayte Hefner shows the presidential motorcade traveling down a stretch of road. Just as the presidential limousine, known as “The Beast,” passes, a white car is seen speeding from nearby woods. […]

Cops allowed to force user to unlock iPhone with fingerprint

If you thought your iPhone was protected by your fingerprint, think again. A circuit court judge in Virginia recently ruled that fingerprints are not protected by the Fifth Amendment. Judge Stephen C. Fucci stated in part, that while a criminal defendant can’t be forced to hand over a password to police to unlock a cell […]

Another intruder jumps White House fence

The White House was put on lockdown yesterday evening as another intruder was able to jump the security fence. This time, the intruder was a black man, Dominic Adesanya, 23, a resident of Bel Air, Maryland was unarmed. Adesanya was captured before he reached the White House residence and at no time was President Obama […]

Tito Jackson Says Security Team Prevented Family From Helping Save Michael’s Life

Two of Michael Jackson’s siblings say they tried to intervene to prevent their brother from abusing drugs, but could not get close to him because of his overzealous security team. Tito and Rebbie Jackson both revealed that the family was aware of Michael’s drug problem, but getting close enough to him to stage any kind […]

Visions Security Solutions Wins At 2011 DiversityBusiness.com conference

In the highly competitive world of technology, competition is fierce. But in the equally, if not more, cutthroat world of municipal contracting, competition is the component that determines whether a business enjoys the spoils of success and lives to contract another day. Al Booker of Visions Security Solutions admits that while winning isn’t everything, it […]