Andra Day compares J. Edgar Hoover to Adolf Hitler

Actress Andra Day stopped by Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay’s podcast “Higher Learning” this week to talk about her new movie, “The United States vs. Billie Holiday.” The film centers around Harry Anslinger, the former head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and his government-backed task force. Anslinger made it his mission to constantly harass […]

Joey Bada$$ to star in new film addressing police brutality (video)

Brooklyn rapper, Joey Bad$$, will be starring in the upcoming time-loop film, Two Distant Strangers, which addresses police brutality in America. Two Distant Strangers will replay the story of a Black man trying to get home to his dog after spending the night with a woman he has met, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The […]

Van Lathan: Did a neck grab get him fired? (video)

Van Lathan was fired from TMZ after engaging in an intense newsroom showdown with coworker Michael Babcock that turned physical, Page Six and The Daily Beast report after obtaining footage of the confrontation. According to Page Six, Lathan was incensed at the verbal altercation and, while cameras were rolling, allegedly threatened Babckock that there would […]

Van Lathan fired by TMZ

Longtime “TMZ” personality Van Lathan has been fired, Page Six reports. Lathan was one of the more visible faces on the immensely popular tabloid-turned-TV show. Lathan, who rocketed to fame last year following his blistering rebuttal of Kanye West’s statement that slavery was “a choice,” reportedly was terminated after he allegedly threatened a co-worker. According […]

Tyrese Gibson admits Dwayne Johnson rant was unprofessional

Tyrese Gibson admitted slamming Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on social media was unprofessional and “not cool”. The ‘Fast & Furious‘ actor hit out at his friend and co-star in October last year and blamed him for delaying the ninth movie in the franchise, but he has now accepted that his remarks were ill-judged. Speaking to […]

TMZ staffer blasts Kanye West on ‘slavery was a choice,’ Twitter rejoices

Without too much conjecture, Kanye West has clearly become dangerous. He is not a danger to himself, at least not yet, but he is insidious to the rest of the dark-skin nation that has to live under the odious consequences that come when a narcissistic, mentally-misshapen man spews repellent garbage out of his mouth with […]