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Music » Joey Bada$$ to star in new film addressing police brutality (video)

Joey Bada$$ to star in new film addressing police brutality (video)

Joey BadA$$ (Image source: Instagram – @joeybadass)

Brooklyn rapper, Joey Bad$$, will be starring in the upcoming time-loop film, Two Distant Strangers, which addresses police brutality in America.

Two Distant Strangers will replay the story of a Black man trying to get home to his dog after spending the night with a woman he has met, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film takes a dramatic look at police violence in the United States. Joey Bada$$ plays the main character Carter, who has an endlessly repetitive day where he is shot, time after time, by a white cop, no matter what he does.

The Pro Era MC spoke on his upcoming project on Instagram, writing, “Worked on a special short film project this summer. Filmed in 5 days while I was in LA working on my albums and I’m proud to say it was well worth it (even if I had to die 100 times). Much love to the incredible team behind the camera and to @travon for a compelling script. #TwoDistantStrangers coming to a screen near you very soon. 2021 we on a different temperament. S/O @easymoneysniper @richkleiman @diddy @vanlathan & everyone who made it possible.”

Travon Free, writer and co-director of the film, also spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about where he drew his inspiration to create the shocking piece.

“What motivated me was to try and capture the feeling around the anxiety that you carry when you are a Black man or a Black woman just moving through the world,” he explained. “It’s a claustrophobia that we have around our existence as Black people in America. I remember I was watching the news and I was looking at the protesters on TV and just the nature of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd all being stories that kind of collapsed on each other at the same time to create this global protest movement.”

Free also got a few big names to get behind his vision. Sean “Diddy” Combs, and NBA players Kevin Durant and Mike Conley Jr., are among the executive producers of the project.

He further added, “And I thought about what it feels like to see a new story like that pretty much every other day about another Black person being shot by the police. You have this feeling that there’s a ticking clock, that one day, I’m just waiting for my turn to be this particular news story. It doesn’t matter where you are. You’re not safe anywhere. That feeling is what I wanted the movie to capture. He goes out, he gets shot. He stays home, he gets shot.”

James Poyser of The Roots also scored the film, which is currently shopping for distribution. Check the trailer of Two Distant Strangers on the next page.

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