Tea Party Only Exists to Hate Obama and Minorities

Some things cannot exist and thrive independently unless they feed off of something else. Plant a beautiful garden, and it will give life to a gang of weeds. Without the pernicious, blood-curdling, ganglike hatred for President Obama to prop up the Tea Party’s putrefied-smelling tent, the dastardly outfit would collapse into nothingness, much like the conclusion of a freak show carnival.

Had Sen. John McClain or Sarah “Crosshairs” Palin won the 2008 presidential election, the Tea Party would not even exist.

Obama’s very existence provides meaning for many Tea Party members’ lives. He fills the cavernous hole in their collective soul and provides a readily available target for which to regurgitate blame, blow off life’s frustration and vent the accumulated energy that comes from their personal problems. Though they have lived many years – some as abject failures – many are alive and full of purpose suddenly. This is how many have arrived at new prominence so raw, so unpolished and so uncouth in utterance.

Southern California Republican official Marilyn Davenport epitomizes this in totality. She is completely flippant about her email because she exemplifies a great degree of political ignorance about what is acceptable, and she lacks the sophistication to discern that her actions are objectionable. To a person like Davenport, she is America, and the non-American [Obama] was the target of her wayward email. Therefore, she feels she has done nothing wrong because she didn’t attack a real citizen. When folks of her ilk speak ill of blacks and Hispanics, as an example, they feel they are only talking bad about minorities, not Americans. Conversely, when minorities like Minister Louis Farrakhan talk “bad” about white people, those whites quickly accuse Farrakhan of being anti-American because, to them, white people and America are synonymous.

But I digress. Back to that “nothingness,” for it describes the preponderance of Tea Party malevolent platform: nothing positive, nothing constructive, nothing to build upon. They bring only venom on their tongues and poisonous placards in their hands to these rallies, leaving the white sheets in their historical closets. And after they’ve expended their energy on hatred and their homogenous view of America, they return to their ideological dungeons. And there is no place for Obama or minorities in their dungeon.

They say the president makes them sick. Well, perhaps if they vomited enough, they could get all of that rancid tea out of their systems. But if Obama loses his bid for reelection, the Tea Party will celebrate that they’ve “taken their country back” (translation: returned it to Caucasian occupancy and total control). Then, they would dissolve quietly like the morning mist.

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Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. this people who hate Obama are the same ones who voted for Mccain & Mccain still lost so that means they aint talking bout sh t & cant do sh t but act racist, showing monkey signs, God created Monkey’s so whats wrong with monkey’s i love monkeys these people have no say so cause if they did Obama wouldn’t be president, Obama 4 president again then after him, Joe Biden or his son for president lets keep fighting to kill racistiness in the world power to the good people of the world !!!!!

  2. Not surprised you attack the Tea Party. Much of your time seems to be spent on race, race, race… He seem to be giving a real race hate merchant, Farrakhan, a pass because he is black and anything a black says must be true. Your little cute thing with Palin’s name is lame. Croosshairs have been used by both parties but you couldn’t be bothered with that truth. I’d be interested in when are you going to report the truth about Obama’s policies that are destroying this country. I’ll even bet that you support his action in Libya but decried the action Bush took. Again, with you it is all about race and facts better not get in the way.

    1. Robert, thanks once again for your visitation to our website. But, tragically, your statement above is a unadulterated indictment on you and your inability to read anything on our website that doesn’t deal with race. This is a sad reflection upon you and what you choose to read. In fact, more than 70 percent of my stories deal with sports, politics, entertainment and other issues that have nothing to do with white people. Actually, it’s more than 80 percent. I never see your comments on those kinds of stories. You seem only to be motivated to peruse through and respond to stories that have racial aspects to them. Please reconsider this narrow stance and start reading and commenting on our other stories. They are there in abundance. Question is, will you read them.

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