I’m 13-year-old chef Darian, and my mission is to fight childhood obesity by changing school lunch menus. I have taken on my middle school to change the menu and give us kids more healthy options. I speak throughout the Dallas area, teaching kids the importance of eating fresh veggies and fruits.

I make it fun for the kids by bringing mini versions of the fruits and veggies I use and let the kids taste them. I blend up smoothies for them and add spinach leaves to the mix, and they love it. I bring my 6-year-old brother, Dallas, along with me when I can, as he is my taste-tester.

When people see someone as young as my brother eating spinach and kale leaves, they are open to trying it. Another one of my secrets is to buy my veggies in different colors; they love this. I use yellow baby carrots and white eggplant, etc. Kids love color.

My motto is “keep it healthy and safe for the kids” as well as colorful. Did I mention what makes me unique?  I use no oven or stove in my preparation of food.  I keep it simple enough so even kids as young as 5 can create my recipes.

I would like to share some of my easy recipes with you as readers. Read more about me at www.chefdariandavis.com or http://www.wfaa.com/good-morning-texas/Chef-Darian-Davis-Smoothies-for-Kids-123226283.html.