Jill Scott Explains What It Means to Be ‘D–kmotized’

Jill Scott has turned many heads with her taboo Twitter rants and sexually drenched lyrics on her latest album, The Light of the Sun. And as Scott prepares to release her latest Paul Wall-assisted single, “So Gone (What My Mind Says),” in which she sings of being mesmerized by a man’s sexual prowess, Scott is now explaining to fans just what it means to be “d–kmotized.”

“D–kmotized means to get hypnotized by the d–k,” explained Scott in a recent promotional video interview. “You get caught up in the loving of it all … the flesh of it all and you get lost in it. You just get lost.”

According to Scott, being d–kmotized may provide people with some (much-desired) instant physical gratification, but those who fall victim to it fail to see the tangible benefits of a healthy relationship.

“I believe that when you get lost or d–kmotized, you’re kind of blocking yourself from something bigger than that,” said Scott. “I think a lot of people are sexually stuck in one place. It’s all about the pleasure of it all and not about the person or if you can have an hour of conversation or if you can sit in silence for 45 minutes or an hour or a day. It’s more than that.”

As Scott reveals, her own experience of being d–kmotized inspired her to create the song.

“My journey to finding love has been more of a journey about finding myself. I realize that I have been d–kmotized in the past, by choice, and that leads to celibacy, to a certain degree,” said Scott.

These days, the singer says she avoids walking down the path of that erotic hypnosis by taking the time to get to know the men she becomes romantically involved with, as she sings about on her latest album.

“There’s a song called ‘Making You Wait’ and it says, ‘At least until the fifth date.’ I need to know if you’re crazy. I need to know if you’re worthy,” said Scott.

Although it’s strange to hear Scott speak so candidly about sex and male anatomy, you have to admit her words, however titillating, do sound like wisdom from a well experienced (sexual) sage. –nicholas robinson

Nicholas Robinson
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