Inside the Playboy Pop-Up Club at Vanquish Lounge: Photos

Kenny Burns pose with the Bunnies

The recent Playboy pop-up club, a launch event for NBC’s new series, “The Playboy Club,” was held at Atlanta’s new bar, Vanquish.

The night was pure swank, from the opulent, safari-themed decor, to the A-list socialites — Kenny Burns and a host of Playboy Bunnies among them — the private pop-up club kicked off “The “Playboy Club” countdown with a bang.

Nick F. Nelson of Liquid Soul Media

Nick F. Nelson, principal and chief marketing officer of the award-winning Liquid Soul Media lifestyle marketing agency, says The Playboy pop-up club launch event offered a brand-new experience based on the golden age of the Playboy Club.

“We’re celebrating the launch of ‘The Playboy Club,’ which airs on NBC on Sept. 19 at 10 p.m. [EST], and we’re doing something that has never been done before — we’re doing pop-up Playboy Clubs in Atlanta and New York,” Nelson tells rolling out.

Atlanta's exotic Vanquish lounge was home of the recent pop-up Playboy Club.

“With the Playboy Club what we’re looking at is not the sensationalized version of the club, but we’re looking at the lifestyle, the music, the fashion, the bunnies. Back in the 1960s, when the Playboy Club opened up in Chicago, it was the place to be where a young man and woman could go and enjoy a cocktail.

“So when you look at ‘The Playboy Club,’ you’re looking at all these various elements and you’ll see all of these elements tonight as we celebrate the show.”

Vanquish bar manager Brandon Nelson adds that the venue also has an old-school elegance about it.

“Some of the other clubs are a crowd-driven experience, Vanquish is a bar-driven experience,” Nelson says of the 3-week-old club. “Vanquish is about high quality cocktails, rare, hard-to-find spirits, and having fresh ingredients at hand.”

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  • Anonymous
    September 9, 2011

    This is so cool! My dad and dncle were members of the Playboy Club Chicago and my one of my aunts was a bunny. The stories they told, the celebrities that came through. It all sounded so much like a Frank Sinatra-Dean Martin movie. I’ve always admired the level of class people exuded back in the day and often wish that old world flavor would trancend this new school nonsense and offer a sense of balance.

    Maybe one day they’ll bring the members only club back, but if its classy and not raunchy. Perhaps I can be a pink bunny for a day!

  • Karmabytch
    September 12, 2011

    Lame!!!!  I don’t care who throws a party or event there, I will NEVER attend anything at the establishments owned by the Gidewon Group.  They should just Vanish.  Disrespectful Losers.  Hope all of their clubs go out of business and then maybe we can have some respectable non-discrimate clubs in Atlanta again.  Not these full of shyt clubs only hiring people representative of the ownership.  Rude, Disrespectful, Cold, No Customer Service, Over priced drinks, Pretentious, No Substance, No Character.  Hate the Gidewons. 

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