April Love, second from left, with some of her celebrity friends and clients at a recent gala

If you’re like most consumers, you’ve noticed that so many other people have amassed handsome fortunes by making money off of you, so much so that you feel that their hands are surgically connected to your wallet. Isn’t it time that you begin to make money off of you instead?

April Love shows you how with the information-rich “A Brand New You” seminar. She is showing people to turn their passions, likes and loves into money-making ventures. She is the founder of the celebrity publicity firm AskAprilLove and the co-founder of The Vanguard, a branding firm, and together the firms teach people how to, well, create “A Brand New You.”

“We developed the name because basically branding is an intrical part of what we do,” says Love. “And we basically launched because a lot of people basically don’t understand what that is. So these workshops were birthed out of our interactions with clients.”

With the explosion of the information superhighway, the Internet has become the great American equalizer. There is no longer an excuse to not make money off of what you love instead of paying others and watching other people do it.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Cynthia Bailey School of Fashion in Atlanta, [reality star Bailey is an AskAprilLove client], Love is going to provide the scientific breakdown on how to do the following:


  1. Learn how to successfully develop and monetize your brand.
  2. Why Brand strategy matters.
  1. How to use social media effectively reinvent yourself through self-branding
  2. Reinvent Yourself Through Self-branding

Come prepared to think and take copious notes, because Love will be armed with her expertise. Plus, she has a cadre of industry insiders who will provide some invaluable information for you to make money off of you, including: Jamahl King, the event producer; Tammy Reed of social media; Yakita Wilkinson, the marketing insider; and Ithan Payne, the creative.

Most people are brimming with entrepreneurial ideals that never burst through the surface and come to fruition because they either lack the know-how or are entrapped inside the web of career-killing procrastination. Go get inspired, get information, get invaluable contacts and, most of all, get a start on how to make money off of you through a “A Brand New You.”

“Brand reinvention means that you get to be the you that you want to be. Ideally, we should all have some goals set. Even if you are in a 9-to-5 and you’re moving up the corporate ladder, at the end of the rainbow, you should see a greater something,” Love encourages. “We go about it and say, ‘hey, let’s go about the steps that it actually takes to become the person that you want to become.’ It’s kind of like starting with the end in mind. What’s step number one, step number two, step number three. And then you’ll evolve and eventually you’ll become the person that you want to be. As long as you just dream about it, but don’t take practical steps towards that, it’ll never happen.”

Place: Cynthia Bailey School of Fashion, 944 Garrett St., Atlanta, Ga. 30316

Call 404-647-9497 to reserve a seat and get additional details.

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