The Net Worth of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Cast Members

 The cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” talk good games, perhaps better and louder and with more venom and vulgarities than any other program in the history of reality TV.

But which cast members on the VH1 smash hit TV show actually have game to back up all that lip? Meaning, which ones are actually stacking those chips real high. We all know, if you watched the reunion show, that Joseline wants very badly to rake in the Benjamins. But who actually has the thick stacks already? With the help of, rolling out can tell you what each major cast member is worth.

Take a look at who has the highest net worth of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast members.

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  • punchUinyaChest
    April 25, 2013

    Allen Iverson gets absolutely no sympathy from me I have three kids and my oldest son will be graduating next year and iam doing everything in my power to pay for his college education. if I had the money Iverson had I wouldn’t have to worry.iam use to struggling everyday life is a struggle.but it pisses me off when I hear stories like this one.who spends tons and tons of money without keeping track of what their spending. and I know all of those so called homies ant no where to be found.they are probably some where talking mad shit about him and possibly laughing too.hell he probably gave them money they probably got rich off his ass.a dam shame cant even afford a cheese burger.ugh ughugh

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