Beyoncé Becomes ‘The Example’ 

Beyonce defines beauty in terms that are relatable to women of all ethnicities. She is essentially the every woman and  the epitome of what so many women aspire of to be. Which is perhaps why People magazine named the singer the  “Most Beautiful Woman” of 2012.

One does not arrive at Bey’s station in life, i.e., music icon, film star, fashion plate, without a well thought-out and strategic approach. Her reputation and success afford her the pick of the litter and opportunities for the absolute best. Women who would hope to emulate her phenomenal career are well aware of how careful she is about her image and the things she holds dear. Her close-knit family, her marriage to Jay-Z  and, of course, the birth of her most precious daughter, little Blue Ivy.

Munson Steed

Founder and publisher of rolling out's parent company Steed Media Group.