Stacey Dash starring in new scripted series


Stacey Dash promotes new series

When Stacey Dash threw her support behind Mitt Romney, many people griped that the actress was unemployed and should therefore keep her opinion to herself. Fortunately for Dash, however, her time at the unemployment office has been cut short now that she’s starring in a new series.

After moving on from the Republicans’ devastating upset in the 2012 election, Dash was on Twitter promoting a lengthy and slightly ridiculous letter on her decision to support the GOP. Now, however she’s made use of her over 300,000 followers, several of which were surely gained in the past few months, to promote a new scripted series.

Several of her followers who viewed the project’s trailer described it as “Curb Your Enthusiam” type of humor —  if it were actually funny.

Playing herself in the video, Dash smears dog feces on a neighbor’s car, before attending a therapy session and sleeping with a man who realizes he’s a homosexual after the fact. Another clip shows her frustrated and smoking marijuana out of an apple.

Check out Dash’s “Stacey Dash Is Normal” comedy preview below. Did you laugh? –danielle canada


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