Kandi Burruss says star of ‘The Sisterhood’ was never in Xscape

Kandi Burruss comments on reality star Ivy Couch’s claim 

After making her reality show debut and declaring that she was once a member of a popular ’90s girl group, a preacher’s wife is being forced to face the music. Ivy Couch, who stars in TLC’s “The Sisterhood” documenting the wealthy first ladies of Atlanta churches, left a number of viewers confused when she said she was a part of singing quartet Xscape. Her bio on the show notes; “most First Ladies do not have a colorful past like Ivy. As one of the members of girl group Xscape, Ivy lived the partying life of a pop star. But since meeting her husband Mark, pastor of the Emanuel Tabernacle Church, Ivy is singing a different tune.”

The Sisterhood cast. Ivy Couch (Second From Right)

According to one of the most well-known members of the group however, Ivy’s musical claims are simply untrue. After ‘The Sisterhood’ premiered Wednesday Kandi Burruss took to Twitter to clear the confusion surrounding her rumored singing mate.

Couch has yet to respond.

Xscape consisted of Kandi Burruss, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, Latocha Scott and Tamika Scott. The So So Def affiliated group disbanded in 1998. –danielle canada

Where are they now? Xscape

Where are they now? Xscape


  • disqus_o07xpLPT6Y
    January 4, 2013

    We all know how reality tv loves to edit conversation to
    keep you watching. I mean they even edit it before going to a commercial so
    that you will be sitting there waiting to see what happens next. And when the
    show continues, it is either used out of context for a another screen shot or
    edited from the conversation in a way that resets the entire tone of the
    situation. Right? Ivy WAS a member of
    Xscape, regardless of how long she was and regardless of why she left. She sang on stage, with the group, as apart
    of the group. When the group was announced , SHE came out on stage with them,
    therefore, she was a member indeed. She mentioned it ONCE on the show. She hasn’t
    refereed back to it since then. I can see now that there are a lot of people
    itching to tear this show apart because these ladies are trying to show the
    issues that First Ladies deal with when they are co leaders of a church with
    their husband and yet are STILL regular women with a mission to try to help others
    in their spiritual life. A lot of times they have to neglect their own personal
    issues, their family, their feelings, forget about themselves to help someone
    strive in their spiritual walk, be available for the distressful call from a
    woman who needs to make heads or tails out of the drama they are going through.
    They are not perfect, they are not trying to be perfect, because they know
    there is only one perfect and that is the God they serve. Their calling is to
    help others in their spiritual walk while trying to keep their own human man in
    check as well, and tap into their spiritual man, so when they die, they can
    hear their Lord and Saviour tell them , “Well done my good and faithful servant…live
    with me for eternity.”

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