Maryland woman arrested after videotaping sex with her dog

stephanie miklesA Maryland special education behavioral specialist was arrested for bestiality with her dog. Harford County, Md. investigators report that Stephanie Mikles had sex with the family dog over a month-long period in August 2008.

It is ironic that Mikles, 45, is a behavioral specialist who is charged altering the disposition of special needs children but nonetheless could not train her own brain to have sex with human beings.

Also interesting is the the fact that Hartford County investigators were there for an unrelated search of her home during an investigation into her activities initiated by the child advocacy center of Harford County when they found that she had photos and — get this — video of her engaged in various sex acts with her dog.

Though the Harford County Schools System would not comment on personnel matters, including what prompted the investigation, they confirmed that Mikles did interact with children in her job, the New York Daily News reports.

Mikles, who is employed with the Hartford County School District to care for students with special needs, was charged with “unnatural or perverted sexual practice.”

Harford County State’s Attorney Joseph Cassilly said he was uncertain how many times the alleged acts occurred, but because the indictment says it occurred over a period of time, “[that] to me says it’s more than one instance,” reports the Baltimore Sun.

Investigators seized a number of video recordings of the alleged acts that “took a while to go through,” Cassilly said. “As a result of what they found, they placed the charges.”

Mikles was suspended from her position without pay on May 1 and faces up to 10 years in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Now get this: the dog is still living with the family.

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