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A woman near Houston is accusing a Harris County sheriff’s deputy of raping her while in her home on official business.

The media usually does not reveal the identify of rape victims, but Lisa Rodriguez was so resolute in her sentiment for the public to hear her story that she gave an on-camera interview to KHOU 11 News out of Houston.

According to the media outlet, the sheriff came by to question Rodriguez about allegedly making harassing phone calls. But then he eventually propositioned Rodriguez and then sexually assaulted the mother in the bedroom of her home while the three children were in the house.

“He hurt me,” Rodriguez said. “He took something from me without even asking. That’s what hurt the most and my children were in the house.”

While in the middle of the interview, Harris County sheriff’s deputies came to whisk Rodriguez away to interview her about the alleged rape, leaving her brother Bobby to explain what supposedly took place.

“He was like well, if you don’t go to jail, what can you do for me,” Bobby Rodriguez was told. “That’s when they went upstairs and he told her it was best for them to talk in the room.”

Bobby Rodriguez said after the deputy raped her and left, Lisa Rodriguez called her brother and they reported what happened. The Harris County Sheriff’s Department responded to the allegations via statement.

“The Harris County Sheriff’s Office takes these allegations extremely serious,” said Captain Ken Melancon. “He’s actually been temporarily relieved of duty pending the outcome of this investigation.”

Look at the video interview in its entirety below.


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