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The Prancing Elites, a black gay dance troupe known for their J-Sett routines, made national headlines last week when they performed at a Semmes, Alabama Christmas parade and were then bashed by traditionalists and conservatives who deemed their hyper-femme dance routines and skin-baring outfits as vulgar and inappropriate. Although the dance troupe vowed that they would soldier on despite the controversy, they were recently hit with another public blow after they were dropped from the roster of a local New Year’s celebration.

According to, The Prancing Elites have officially been pulled from the performance roster in the MoonPie Over Mobile parade on New Year’s Eve in Mobile, Alabama.

The troupe was originally invited to perform in the parade on Dec. 11, but after the controversy in Semmes, the Events Mobile committee decided to rescind their invitation.

“The Prancing Elites expressed an interest in participating in the New Year’s Eve parade, however the Events Mobile committee has decided not to include the group in this year’s event,” said Carol Hunter, president of Events Mobile.

Suzanne Massingill, owner of Barefoot Models & Talent Agency in Mobile and the Prancing Elites’ agent, said she spoke with Hunter and offered the committee a compromise on the troupe’s risqué outfits. However, the negotiations quickly went south.

“I offered that the performers would wear jogging suits and said we’d even sign a contract but she said the decision was already made,” Massingill said.

For the Prancing Elites, the lost invitation comes as a painful blow to their morale.

“I felt crushed,” said Kentrell Collins, the captain of the Prancing Elites. “We were really looking forward to that particular parade to bring in the New Year.”

Well, The Prancing Elites may not be performing for the town of Mobile, but considering all of the publicity they’re getting over this controversy, we’ve no doubt that someone else is going to hire them to show off their dance skills. – nicholas robinson

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