Photo Credit: Instagram - @neneleakes

Photo Credit: Instagram – @neneleakes

NeNe Leakes has been in talks with Bravo for months about returning to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the show that made her a household name and a Hollywood superstar. And while Leakes has been shy about revealing details about her imminent return to the reality powerhouse, news reports have revealed that Leakes might also be working on getting her own solo show with the network.

Earlier this month, reported in the wake of Phaedra Parks‘ alleged firing from “RHOA” that both Leakes and fellow “RHOA” original Kim Zolciak will be returning for season 10 of the show as part-time cast members.

Sources have said that Bravo has been working hard to convince Leakes to return to the show, which she departed from in season 8 after cutting down her role on the show to just part-time. Leakes completely left the show in season 9 after enduring several major fallouts with her cast mates and she claimed she wanted to focus on her other businesses and Hollywood endeavors.

Well, it looks like Bravo producers have offered Leakes a deal that she can’t refuse and that includes a pretty big paycheck as Leakes recently claimed that there’s no way Zolciak would get paid more than her if they both returned. However, what’s perhaps even better than the “RHOA” paycheck is the prospect of getting a separate paycheck for Leakes’ own show.

Sources say that Bravo decided to sweeten the deal for Leakes’ return by working with her on a spinoff a la Zolciak’s “Don’t Be Tardy” series.

Previously, Leakes had her own mini-spinoff “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding,” which focused on the weeks leading up to her getting re-married to her longtime husband, Gregg Leakes. However, we assume that a new spin-off would be more expansive and focus on Leakes’ life and career as a whole.

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  • nosey rosy

    HELL NO .WHY NOT LET THIS TRANNY MOVE ON WITH HER FAKE PRESUMPTIOUS LIFE , AND STOP believe someone on mars wants her back even . iam so tired of bravo and who the hell are they anyway they seem to be desperately holding on to a few of their shows that audiences are not interested in seeing ., phedra just proves that all that acting is fake , non of them came on the show rich and now most of them got a JOB ACTING . so dam what , they are all bad actors and nene is the worst, .. you know no 9 black females will get together and be friends , while hating on each other and fighting , if you hit anythem or talk wreckless , every one will be at the ocuntry jail ., so bravo is a greedy lier, lowering standard of black women who has work hard to erase steriotyping them . tyler perry is also wrong for doing this to blacks showing america our men are rotten make no one a hero

  • Evettle Hosey

    The show should no longer be the real housewives of Atlanta since its only one married couple on the show the rest are either divorce or never been married the show should be called the women’s of Atlanta that’s my opinion