Heritage as Culture: Your Living Legacy

Heritage as Culture: Your Living Legacy
Kem pays homage to the sartorial splendor of jazz musicians of the 1940s in a classic suit topped off by a fedora tipped at a jaunty angle.

Whatever happened to being proud and black people saying that aloud and black people saying that aloud? Whatever happened to the “movement music”  that made us think of ourselves in a positive way? Whatever happened to celebrations for the holiday that brought the community together in a productive way? The racket that fills are ears today leave us ill prepared for life ahead, and subjects us to a cruel existence that renders us culturally challenged instead. But we don’t have to let black culture go, we don’t have to be ashamed of the truths that we know. Slavery wreaked havoc on our hearts and our souls, but we don’t have to hold on to that pain of yesterday and set aside our goals.

Look at the quality of character our grandparents and our ancestors had, and what they instilled in us, the good and even sometimes the things that made us mad. The culture that we speak of today, like when we say “brother” we mean it in a positive way. The discussions of why it’s important to get educated and move ahead, indicates that we not only read, but we write books to be read.

That rank and rancid uttering you emit from your mouth, spew ignorance and resemble the hatred we are to denounce. It’s that way of thinking and behaving in a life full of dread, that will be your demise and you may end up dead. What are we missing in our culture that prompts us to rejoice in death like the despised vulture? Extremism is getting in our way.

Heritage as Culture: Your Living LegacyWe are proud of our heritage some say, but when we consider the pillaging of our own communities, it can’t be that way. Crack maintains its deadly grip on the hopeless, and recovery programs are where we turn to clean up our mess. When we realized the dream of a black president right now, the reflections of ourselves doesn’t seem to connect us somehow. Why is a white tee, instead of a power suit the look of the day? We summarily dismiss this progress that we’ve made. When we admire and covet a black American Express card, do we fully appreciate the New York Stock Exchange and what those numbers really guard? Do you know that American Express has a black CEO too, who has managed to do something good for me and you?

Of all of the things that we whine about from day-to-day, we later convince ourselves and each other that it’s OK The act of being strong and committed and willing to change, why have we pushed all of that aside and opted instead to wane? The tragedy is unfolding and our culture appears to be molding. Do we really understand that how much we read and how much we push ourselves to achieve, reflects on how we and our families are perceived? It’s summertime, are you planning to read a book or two? Or would you rather have unprotected sex and forget about the risk to you? Would you trade your reading list to get on the list of new cases of HIV/AIDS? Why are we erasing who we are, rather than looking deeper within?

Heritage as Culture: Your Living LegacyCulturally, we are strong people of believers and faith in God. Don’t let money and the trappings of some imaginary fame, leave you broke, broken and lame. The question is will you breed more of what’s good into your life each day? Will you discover a cure for what ails and discover an invention that will pay? There was a reason that grandma and grandpa prayed. They prayed for their children to live life a better way. Our parents prayed for the same thing, for wholesome living and to hear their grandchildren at play. They all sacrificed and sometimes went without meals, so their children could leave the house nourished and make the next great deal.


munson steed

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