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Brian White Shoots for ‘Rolling Out’ Cover; Actor Living Life at Full Speed

Brian White is running his life in the fast lane.  This Ivy league graduate-turned Wall Street broker- turned professional football player-turned sought after Hollywood actor is driving his vehicle of life like a seasoned Nascar veteran.

Imagery demonstrating Brian White's driven approach to life

On the set of rolling out‘s cover shoot on June 21 with White, he exemplified the characteristics of what a true Renaissance man is. From the moment he arrived on set, he showed a strong interest in the execution of each photo concept, ensuring that he was represented in a way that was meaningful and had a purpose relevant to his carefully forged pathway to success.  You could almost see the mechanics of his creative mind producing a vision of the character he desired to be.

It’s not every day that we find an athletically gifted brother who has a strong work ethic along with being artistically and intellectually inclined, as is Brian White. Sure we’ve seen great work ethics in talented athletes, but they’re too often compromised by bad decision making, like fighting dogs, or shooting themselves in the leg.  Brian has managed to traverse his many talents and keep himself in the game and is in a league of his own.

Brian is in control of his own destiny and there’s no question that he’s running full speed ahead on an endless road of possibilities.