Business Owner Gil Robertson Discusses the Benefits of the Black Cobb Pages

Business Owner Gil Robertson Discusses the Benefits of the Black Cobb Pages
Gil Robertson

Gil Robertson has created a successful business for the success of other businesses and professionals in his community. Robertson is the founder of Black Cobb Pages, which is an online directory designed to connect consumers with African American professionals and businesses in their service area. His motivation to start this company was simple: He wanted to connect black consumers with black business owners and professionals in Cobb County, Ga. Knowledgeable of the fact that African Americans are strong believers in black solidarity, history, traditions and in “buying black,” Robertson knew his company would be a great asset to this community. –ashley jackson

Tell us about your background.

I’m a native of Los Angeles, although I’ve called Atlanta home for the last eight-years. I have a B.A. degree in political science from Cal State Los Angeles, and I have enjoyed a successful career as an arts and entertainment journalist and author. My last two books were both nominated for NAACP Images Awards, and I have two additional books that will be released over the next 24 months. Recently, I launched a new website called Black Cobb

How did you get started in the project with Black Cobb Pages?

I live in Cobb County where the population of African Americans has grown substantially over the last decade. However, unlike other populations, blacks did not have a way of identifying businesses or professional services owned by blacks. Although I don’t believe that race should exclusively govern where or with whom you spend your money, I do feel strongly that it should be on your checklist as African American consumers.

Business Owner Gil Robertson Discusses the Benefits of the Black Cobb PagesWhat impact does the Black Cobb Pages have in the community?

The goal is to strengthen African American-owned businesses. A strong black business base in Cobb County will benefit the entire county.

How do businesses get involved with the Black Cobb Pages?

It’s real simple. They can either visit our website at, or call us at (404) 909-8161 to schedule a meeting with one of our salespersons.

What are some tips that you would give small businesses trying to make smart decisions on how to advertise?

It’s important that you know your audience and how to deliver messages about your company or product that is important to them. Also, consider the strengths of your business and always play that up in your messaging.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to go into business for themselves?

Discipline, being well prepared and developing long-range plans.

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