Girl Who Offered a ‘Stack’ on Facebook to ‘Kill My Baby’s Father’ Got Her Wish

Girl Who Offered a 'Stack' on Facebook to 'Kill My Baby's Father' Got Her Wish

Eley London, 19, was arrested in June by police in West Philly for posting “I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father” as her Facebook status and added that she wanted him “DEAD! HATE HIM.”

Police also arrested 18-year-old Timothy Bynum for replying to London’s plea with the comment, “Say no more.What he look like, where he be at, need that stack, 1st ima mop that bull.”

Whether or not London was kidding, as her lawyer insists, the young mother, who remains in police custody, has gotten her wish. The father of Eley’s baby, 22-year-old Corey White, is now dead. He was shot in the chest on Aug. 15 just hours after Eley appeared in court on the original murder solicitation and weapons charges (her computer being the weapon).

Weeks before the killing, White had spoken off camera to NBC Philadelphia, saying he was afraid for his life. “I never thought she would do anything like that,” he told the interviewer, “I didn’t know she was that type of person.”

Girl Who Offered a 'Stack' on Facebook to 'Kill My Baby's Father' Got Her WishDuring Monday’s court hearing, defense attorney Gerald Stein insisted London was only venting when she exchanged messages with Bynum for an hour, and claims the two never met. A prosecutor told the court London was asked online if she was joking about ordering the hit and she indicated she wasn’t.

London and Bynum have been incarcerated since police arrested them in June. Police are not certain if White’s death is connected to the Facebook request.

This is a story young people need to be made aware of. Social networking sites are not the place to vent. Anything posted on the Internet in the heat of anger, passion, depression or any other strong emotion can wreak havoc in the real world.

Emotions fade. Words posted on the Internet do not.

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