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A Nightmare on Piedmont! THE INVESTMENT CLUB: HALLOWEEN [email protected] Gold Room in ATL Hosted by: RYAN CAMERON – DEVYNE STEPHENS

Nightmare on Piedmont!

It was an eeery Halloween night with ghosts and goons roaming about and striking terror in the hearts of ATLiens everywhere.  But even with the fear the goblins evoked the power of the party was too much for them and good citizens forged on in the face of the unspeakable.

The Investment Club Halloween Edition Monday’s at the Gold Room went on essentially with out a hitch, with party hosts Freddy Krueger aka Ryan Cameron V-103ATL,  and Town Crew aka Devyne Stephens holding it down. Participants donned their spookiest and most blood curdling costumes  in an effort  to win the $2500 prize money for best costume. From Madea to vampires and even a  cowboy with a real horse — the competition was fierce.

The night was full with bottle poppin’, fire breathing women, swinging trapeze acts and great music and DJ MLK and DJ Baby U kept the dance floor rockin’ all night.  Even ATL celebrities’ broke from tradition and wore costumes. TI came dressed as  Mike Vick and Tiny was a sex referee.

The crowd went wild cheering for Madea and Jerome from Martin to win the costume contest.  As a matter of fact gauged on audience support, the contest was a tie and the prize money was evenly divided. The night was crazy and the impending threats from ghosts and other unnatural entities couldn’t stop a good time. It just proves good triumphs once again. –eric black